AM charters 5 - 7 hours
Blackwater 3 hours
8:15 AM Departure
$1,495 - 5 hours $1,695 - 7 hours or Blackwater $1,395

The Honu Lele – 6 passengers

The Honu Lele is a World Cat fast 6-passenger vessel. She has plenty of shade, fresh water shower, and the ability to get you places quickly. This is a perfect option for those that want a special excursion with their friends and family. Pricing includes 1 guide, boxed lunch, and snorkel equipment. Since you have chartered the boat you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Call us to discuss ideas!

Boat Details

  • 6 divers or snorkelers (maximum)
  • Includes a captain and one dive/snorkel guide
  • Full Shade
  • Rinse Tank
  • Cooler
  • Water Station
  • Fresh Water Shower
  • 33′ Long catamaran
  • 42 mph cruising speed

Please note all private charters have a 7-day cancellation policy

Email [email protected]

To see what it’s like to dive off the Honu Lele check out this video

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things can we do from this boat?

Some examples of things you can do from the Honu Lele include:

  • Take 2 paddleboards to a secluded beach and Freedive/snorkel with friends, family, or make it into an engagement surprise!
  • Take your family diving or snorkeling & diving to LAX dive site.
  • Go whale watching from Jan – March
  • Look for large animals like hammerheads, tiger sharks, whale sharks, mantas and pilot whales en-route to a secluded snorkel or dive site.
  • Have lunch and catch some rays on the bow while watching a rainbow or some dolphins play.
  • And much much more!

This is the most exclusive and capable Kona Private Boat Charter available for less than 6 passengers. If you’re looking for a larger boat check out the Honu One for diving (24 passengers) or Orca (18 passengers).

What sets this Kona private boat charter apart from others?

The Honu Lele is comfortable, fast, well maintained, has amenities not offered on other boats. Our captains are experienced in piloting and diving. We work hard to make your experience seamless and fun. We can quickly take you to some of the best dive sites in Hawaii (weather permitting). Our safety standards are unmatched, and the Honu Lele is well equipped and staff is trained regularly.

Not only will you and your group enjoy the comfort and exclusivity this Kona private boat charter provides, you will also enjoy the speed with which you can reach some of the most far-flung spots on the island making this a cut above the rest.

What are the pluses and minuses of private chartering this boat?


You get the whole boat. So if it’s only a small group the price can be more than if you simply booked spots aboard her with other divers.


You get the whole boat. If you want to do a certain dive site or see something specific we will do our best to deliver it for you. You can choose sites and timing. You can bring anyone aboard including observers and snorkelers. The crew is there just for you so you get their full personal attention. Finally, it can be a cost savings versus booking 6 spots. It is more cost-effective to private charter the boat.

Kona private boat charters are often booked out far in advance. Be sure to reserve yours now before spots book up.

How does this boat differ from other options?

The Honu lele is faster than most boats. This is because it has large powerful engines and is a catamaran. The catamaran hull design allows it to cut through smaller surface chop than a typical v-hull design. This means more speed and comfort.

The bow has a raised deck. This is great for lounging in the sun and observing wildlife like dolphins who love to catch a ride on the bow wake.

The boat is fully shaded so there are plenty of places to hide from the sun.

Seating is limited compared to the other rental boats. Most divers sit on the gunwales or the back transom. There is a great seat in front of the captain but the view is not as good and it can get bumpy in larger swell conditions.

All-in-all compared to most Kona private boat charters this one is not only a great deal. It’s also fun and comfortable. Offering a more exclusive option for smaller groups.