Kona Honu Divers is dedicated to providing you with eco-friendly adventures and an eco-friendly dive shop. The steps we have taken to decrease our impact include:

  • Proud supporter and partner of Ocean Defenders Alliance. Organizing and contributing to on going local dive site debris cleanups.
  • Regularly contribute to a variety of conservation organizations
  • We match your contribution to conservation efforts
  • We are a Manta Ray Greenlist Activity Provider
  • Recycling
  • The dive shop and compressor are powered by solar energy
  • Lights in the shop are LED and CFL’s
  • Dive lights are LED and rechargeable
  • LED re-usable glow sticks to reduce plastic waste
  • No plastic shopping bags
  • Reusable shopping bags available for purchase (they also make great travel beach bags) made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Bamboo utensils are sold to help eliminate single-use plastic

Donations to causes we love

Every dollar you donate is matched by KHD

One of our core values is stewardship. This means we feel a responsibility to protect the ocean we love. It is our duty to set an example for how we feel others should act when it comes to protecting our most precious playground. Every dive Kona Honu Divers collects a $1 nature fee and matches it with a dollar from our profits to be given to the ocean related cause of our choosing. To see where we’ve chosen to put this towards a good use see below.

Our Partnership with Ocean Defenders Alliance

Ocean Defenders Alliance Logo

Kona Honu Divers is partnered with and hosting Ocean Defenders Alliance underwater cleanups from our boat. If you’d like to join us for an underwater cleanup please give us a call to sign up.

Our Donations

2022 Donations


2021 Donations


2019 Donations


2018 Donations

  • We donated $2840 to Hawaii Wildlife Fund.  HAWAI’I WILDLIFE FUND (HWF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Hawaii’s native wildlife through research, education, and advocacy.
  • 100% of the profits, $4400, from the 3rd Annual 2018 Kona Underwater Shootout was donated to the Malama Kai Foundation.
  • We donated $3000 to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a registered 501(c)3 with the mission of inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines through hands-on beach cleanups.
  • We donated $2445 to the Kona Surfrider Foundation to help them purchase a water quality testing kit.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2018, we donated $2600 to the Coral Reef Alliance.  One of their projects in Hawaii is centered in the Puako community working on tracing the movement of wastewater from cesspools into the ocean.


2017 Donations

  • We donated over $5000 to Hawaii Ocean Watch
  • The 2nd Annual Underwater Shootout (May 12-15th, 2017) raised $350 for the Malama Kai Foundation.
  • We donated nearly $3000 to the Malama Kai Foundation.
  • We purchased a trailer for the Large Whale Entanglement and Response Team’s boat AND donated over $1400 to Hawai’i Uncharted Research Collective.
  • We donated a Sea Life camera to Kohanaiki ‘Ohana, a non-profit, dedicated to stewardship programs protecting our reef ecosystems.  The camera will help document the baseline studies.