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Has it been your dream to learn to scuba dive or are you a certified diver that wants to take it to the next level? So many people choose to take their scuba certification courses here in Hawaii because of the warm water and easy diving. This allows you to focus on learning and will improve your success rate. Divers begin their journey with an open water scuba course and then progress through certifications into master scuba diver. Have you considered becoming a diving professional? We offer divemaster courses to divers who want to become pros. There’s a scuba class for everyone!

Kona Scuba Certification Courses

If you want to take a scuba diving course Hawaii has so many options. But so few of them come with the convenience and quality instructors offered here at Kona Honu Divers. Our boats, staff, and gear are a cut above the rest. Our instructors have taught hundreds of students and some have even taught thousands. Our gear is the best available on the market and rigorously maintained. Our boats are the best in Hawaii. There’s a reason Kona Honu Divers is the top-rated and most reviewed scuba diving company in Hawaii. Check out our testimonials page to see why divers love diving with us. Once you complete your course you can take advantage of our dive package deals and free nitrox while utilizing your newly earned skills.

Currently Offering the Following PADI Scuba Courses:

Offering the Following Specialty Courses:

Specialty courses provide an extra knowledge base to improve your abilities from the base level of knowledge and skills taught in Open Water Diver. Once the diver has accumulated enough specialties they can earn the advanced certification.


Freediving Courses

Have you ever considered taking a freediving course? The Big Island of Hawaii has some of the best freediving in the world. If you want to bring your advanced snorkeling skills to the next level and take advantage of all the Big Island has to offer, a freediving course in Hawaii is the best way. Check out our other brand Kona Freedivers, Hawaii’s top rated and most reviewed freediving company for more information on this 2 day course designed to improve your breathed technique, eliminate bad habits, and help you learn the most effective and safest freediving standards.

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What you will learn:

  • Safety & Problem Management

  • Freediving Equipment

  • Physics and Physiology

  • Freediving Technique Development

  • Correct Breathing for Freediving

  • Breathing and Breath-Hold Technique Development


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get scuba certified in Hawaii?

There are two options. If you do the full course in Hawaii it will take 3 days or practical work and one day of studying. If you begin your course at home, you can complete it in Hawaii. In that case it only takes two days in Hawaii. This is called an Open Water Referral course and is the best option for people that want to spend less of their precious vacation time in a course and more time diving.

What certification do I need to scuba dive in Hawaii?

You do not need to be certified if you do a Try Scuba or Discover Scuba tour in Hawaii. An instructor will quickly teach you some basics (about 20 minutes) and then take you in the water. If you want to participate in a standard dive tour you will need an Open Water Scuba Certification.

Can you learn to scuba dive in Hawaii?

Yes! There are many dive shops on most islands teaching scuba diving. Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to learn and begin diving. This is because the water is calm and clear and warm. There’s also lot’s of great marine life in Hawaii.