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Check-in at the shop the day prior & meet at the boat 7:45 am the day of charter

Includes: two dives and
all equipment

18+ only *Please note this is completed in the ocean

(all prices are shown before taxes and fees)

Dive Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or older (2:1 ratio)
  • You must be in good health with NO heart conditions and have a clear medical or a physicians release (Click on the PADI Medical Questionnaire)
  • You MUST be able to converse in English
  • You must have basic swimming skills
  • You should be comfortable in the open ocean
  • You should be a proficient snorkeler
  • Check-in at the shop the day prior

PADI Medical Questionnaire

What will you learn?

  • You will learn the basic skills to scuba dive with a dive professional for the morning. This is NOT a certification.
  • These include:
  • Briefing of dive equipment
  • Ear equalization techniques
  • Mask flood and clearing
  • Regulator recovery

How long will I be underwater?

As long as possible! Your underwater time will be determined by your air consumption and comfort but average time underwater is between 30-50 minutes per dive.

What should I bring?

  • Make sure you come wearing your swimsuit!
  • Bring a rashguard and sun protective clothing and if you must wear sunscreen make sure it is reef safe.

Can my certified family members join me underwater?

You will be on the same boat and at the same sites, but in different dive groups underwater. If you wish to dive together the certified diver will need to sign up for an intro with you.

Directions to The Honu One