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499 - Includes: e-learning, 2 boat dives, tanks, weights

Divers that perfect this important skill glide effortlessly through the water avoiding contact with the bottom and have excellent air consumption. This is one of the best specialties to advance your diving skills and make you a sought after buddy.

One of the Most Important Skills

One of the most important skills that differentiates a new diver from a more experienced diver is their buoyancy. Being able to control your buoyancy not only makes it easier to dive and enjoy your time underwater, it also makes you and the reefs safer!

This course will be conducted off Kona Honu Diver’s largest boat, the Honu One, a custom-built 46ft dive vessel. You will do two dives with an experienced instructor, focusing on breath work, buoyancy, weighting and body positioning. eLearning code is included in the price, and must be completed prior to course.

Frequently Asked Questions


Peak performance buoyancy is a specialty scuba course that covers one of the most important skills in diving, good buoyancy.

Two to acheive the specialty but if you take it as part of your advanced course you will only do one dive.

Start with proper weighting then develop the skill to control your buoyancy throughout your dive as your tank gets lighter.

Good buoyancy would mean a diver is able to stay at the desired depth without kicking or moving body parts to stay at that depth.

Typically divers will get the hang of it around 20 dives, but you will learn faster if taking a peak performance buoyancy course. At around 50 dives divers will be good enough to qualify for a Blackwater Dive. This is considered one of the most difficult dives in the world when it comes to buoyancy.