How to get the best price scuba diving the Big Island

If you book an activity on the phone or in person, you’ll pay regular prices. But if you book ahead online, you’ll find discounts during less busy times, similar to a hotel or airline.

To get the lowest prices, try booking:

  • Online, instead of on the phone or in person
  • At least 1 month in advance
  • During less busy days, avoiding holidays
  • Book 3 or More Charters for a Package Discount (in addition to the above early bird pricing)
  • Book the first 6 spots on the Morning or Manta tours for the best price.
  • Book the first 2 spots on the Blackwater or Advanced tours to receive the best price.
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The Highest quality diving tours in Hawaii

Kona Honu Divers is focused on maintaining the highest quality diving experience available in Hawaii. Between the boats, staff, gear, and online booking experience we strive to continually provide the absolute premier experience in scuba diving in Hawaii.

When it comes to the best diving in Hawaii, The Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii is the best and Kona Honu Divers is the Highest rated & most reviewed diving company in Hawaii. Scuba diving Big Island is unique for a number of reasons. We not only have some of the best ocean conditions in the state, we also have some of the best marine life and underwater topography you’ve ever seen!

Why Kona has Hawaii’s Best Scuba Diving

Our warm, calm, clear, waters are ideal for diving and snorkeling. While the other islands are known for their surfing, Kona is tops for scuba diving, freediving, and snorkeling. The marine life on the Big Island is varied with animals from massive to teeny tiny. Colorful nudibranchs, fish, eels, octopus and coral are a great pairing with the massive mantas, dolphins, sharks, and whales that are commonly spotted here. If you’re not careful you’ll miss the whale shark swimming just off the reef as you watch octopus mimic their surroundings and rock mover wrasses dig for their next meal. The reef is alive and the animals can come from any direction!

The lava formations are probably the biggest differentiator from the other Hawaiian islands. Lava tubes, caves and pinnacles make for a fun exploration and add tons of variety to every dive site. The diving in Kona is unique in the world with over 30% of our fish species found only here in Hawaii.

We could go on and on about how great the diving is here in Kona. The best way to learn more about it is to see it for yourself! So come dive with us and let’s blow some bubbles.