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Kona Honu Divers offers Hawaii’s best scuba diving. We do this by having the most experienced staff, the best boats and gear, the most generous amenities, and the most accommodating valet service. We are top rated by discerning divers. Scroll down to see why. Choose from one of our many offerings or choose several and create your own custom package to receive package pricing. Kona diving is some of the best diving in Hawaii and Kona Honu Divers offers some of the best dives available. We have diving options for all levels of scuba divers from beginners to advanced.

2 Tank Manta Ray Night Dive

Kona Scuba Diving | 2 Tank Local Morning Dive

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Black water night dive

Premium advanced 2 tank trip

Captain Cook Snorkeling Tour

Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel

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Kona Honu Divers is the premier diving company in Hawaii. We offer the highest quality diving experience by providing you with the nicest boats, gear, and staff available in Kona diving. In addition to the best premium experience we also offer free nitrox and package pricing. This means we make it easier for you to do more diving.

The experience begins when our friendly dive crew greets you at the dock. Our staff is trained to set up your gear and get you Dailed in before entering the water. This valet-service is one of the reason divers love diving with us. We spoil you with hot water showers and a large selection of snacks. Divers love diving with us so much they come back year after year.

For serious divers they can take advantage of our scuba diving Kona dive packages. Our dive packages have three levels of savings. If you book 3 or more charters you get 10% off your dives. If you book 5 or more charters together you will get 15% off. I you book 10 or more charters together you will receive 15% off all of your dives. This means you can sample all of the different dives we have to offer and get a great deal while you’re at it!

We only take fully certified divers on our boats. This means you will always have a spacious and easy atmosphere aboard. Our 46′ newton custom dive boat accommodates 49 passengers but we only take 12 divers at a time. This means you will have ample space to stretch out on the lower deck, upper deck, or riding the bow with stellar views of the dolphins, and flying fish as they leap away from the bow wake. Our small boat the Honu Lele is a 33.5′ World Cat catamaran. This vessel is outfitted with full shade and bow railing so you can get the best vantage point of the pelagic animals like whales and dolphins as we cruise at high speeds on our long-range dive. This exclusive experience is something not available at other dive companies. You’ve never seen Kona diving like this!

Part of our culture is our focus on safety. This means we take safety into account in every decision we make. Part of that effort is our decision to offer free nitrox. This means you can enjoy safer, longer dives for free if you are nitrox certified! Scuba diving Kona is relatively easy diving and now with free nitrox it’s even better! We are rated top in safety for the entire pacific region by scuba diving magazine readers 3 years running.

Our staff is some of the most experienced dive professionals in the pacific. With a collective experience of over 60,000 dives we know where to find the best critters. Kona diving has many opportunities to find critters hiding in the reefs. It’s our job to know how to spot them. Our staff has been through safety training and is adept at dealing with unforeseen circumstances. We always do our best to avoid weather conditions that are not conducive to safe and fun diving. We love meeting new divers and greeting the divers that return back year after year.

Our gear is some of the best rental gear you will find in the world. We use Atomic brand regulators. Atomic makes the best diving regulators in the world. They are easy to breathe and have features that make them easy to use and more reliable. We also pro-actively check all of our regulators 4 times a year to ensure their proper functioning. Our BCD’s are replaced annually and our wetsuits are replaced regularly when they begin to show wear. This means you won’t have to worry about your gear. You can just focus on Kona Diving. We also provide neutrally buoyant aluminum 80cuft tanks. This means you won’t need to wear as much weight in your bcd as you might expect. Are you scuba diving Kona with a DIN regulator? No problem! We can accommodate that.

Another reason to try scuba diving Kona with us is our commitment to stewardship of the environment. We donate to ocean related causes that help keep Kona’s reefs in pristine condition by maintaining moorings so we don’t have to anchor on or near the reefs. The underwater environment is important to us so we do all we can to protect this precious resource.

If you’re looking to set up a package with us consider a 2 tank am dive and add from there. Never dove with mantas before? The manta ray dive is Kona’s most popular dive and every diver should experience this dive at least once in their lifetime. Kona Diving also includes unique dives like the blackwater dive which is a specialty of ours. More advanced divers should hop aboard the Honu Lele our exclusive fast boat to see some of the most unique sites available. Scuba diving Kona has a nearly unlimited number of dive sites to choose from and we’ve dove most of them. We will take you through lava tubes and under arches. Some of the unique sites will have critters only found there.

After you’re through with your Kona diving package you can come visit our friendly staff at the dive shop. We have unique apparel and accessories with designs only found here. Our designs are unique to our shop and feature sealife seen here when scuba diving Kona. We also carry many accessories so you can add to your diving kit or make repairs.

For a complete and quality dive experience consider Kona Honu Divers for your Hawaii diving trip. We would love to have you aboard our spacious and beautiful boats to dive the warm clear waters Kona, Hawaii diving is known for.