255 - Includes Nitrox

One of the easiest and most useful specialty courses available. Take advantage of this special and request Nitrox for all your dives, it’s FREE (must show proof of certification)! If you have not yet obtained your Nitrox/Enriched Air certification, it’s easy! You do it online from the comfort of your home! **Must be affiliated with our shop**

eLearning ($200 value) Included with your registration.

$255 includes Free Nitrox & Practical Session and can be paired with a 2 Tank Morning Charter!

Class: PADI Enriched Air Diver
Duration: 2-3 hours of online education, plus 90min in-store practical.
Skill: Beginner

Frequently Asked Questions

Divers that wish to extend their bottom time! The more dives you do the more nitrogen your body accumulates. Nitrox reduces the amount of nitrogen in your system thereby allowing you to dive longer and deeper than you would otherwise on air. It’s one of the simplest and most straightforward courses available. You can even take this course in conjunction with your Open Water certification course. It’s that easy. Most divers also report having more energy after diving when they use enriched air (Nitrox) versus air.

Some destinations require a nitrox certification while on other trips it would simply be foolish not to have the certification. If you’re doing 3 or more dives per day, nitrox can drastically increase the time you can spend at depth allowing you to dive based on your air consumption rather than your bottom time.

  1. Book the course
  2. Take the e-learning course using the code we provide
  3. Come into the Shop for an hour of practical learning
  4. Do 2 dives on Nitrox (Enriched Air)
  5. You’re Certified!

After completing your online academics, you will need to do the practical session. We will do that in the dive shop in about an hour. You’ll complete a student folder with medical statement, take a quick review quiz, and complete the practical application of the course which is as simple as analyzing your air and setting your computer. Your analyzed nitrox (enriched air) can then be used for your dives on the boat the next day!

You will learn why diving with a higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content extends your bottom time. You will discuss managing oxygen exposure, practice analyzing your scuba tank for oxygen content, and learn how to set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox.

Easy! Book Online or Call us to enroll (808)324-4668

This is because it makes you feel better after you dive. Geezer refers to the term ‘old geezer’ which means old person. By using nitrox no matter your age you will likely have more energy after your dive. This is because nitrox (enriched air) has more oxygen and less nitrogen than the air we breathe and is normally used in scuba tanks.

When you using nitrox you will be limited to a maximum depth. This is usually over 100 feet (30 meters) or more depending on the mix. But if you want to dive deep you can simply choose to use air instead of nitrox.