Join us on our most exclusive boat, Honu Lele. This speedy 33′ World Cat can zip us far down the coast quickly and comfortably, getting you to special dive sites in style. On this 2 tank charter, we’ll spend the morning and early afternoon diving in South Kona’s incredible lava tubes, lush reefs, and a chance to view bigger pelagic animals such as whales, dolphins, or big fish on the ride down the coast. Or, venture North to experience unique reef structures and critter hideouts, or even drift around Kaiwi Point. Between your dives, enjoy a full lunch with views of the Kona coast.

Dive Requirements

  • You must have 25 logged dives
  • You must have been diving within the last 6 months (pool refreshers do not qualify)
  • You must have good buoyancy control and air consumption (at least 60 minutes on an 80cf tank, 100’s aren’t available & doubles are not allowed)
  • You must be in good health and have NO heart conditions
  • You must be able to converse in English
  • Should be comfortable backrolling off the boat if necessary
  • 18 or older – under 18 considered with a JOW Rescue Diver Certification
  • Must dive with a computer
  • You must remember there are other guests on board that are looking for a premium experience so our standards MUST be met. Kindly be a responsible and considerate diver and respect these standards.
  • IMPORTANT – Do not book the manta dive on the same evening as this charter

Directions to The Honu Lele

Frequently Asked Questions

The requirements to join this charter are stricter. The type of diver joining this tour will have more experience and should have a longer bottom time. You will visit deeper sites as well as sites that are harder to get to. This means you will see things that are not available near Kona. You will also cruise the pelagic which means there’s an opportunity to see large animals such as pilot whales and dolphins on the way to and from the dive sites. Kona diving has a mixture of big animals, small animals, and unique structures which this charter takes full advantage of.

If you’re looking for the most exclusive dive charter in Hawaii. You’ve found it! We want all of our divers on board to enjoy their time underwater. Since some of the sites we visit are more difficult to get to we want to make the most of your underwater time. This means having a good bottom time and understanding diver etiquette is a must.

The Honu Lele is Kona’s most exclusive dive boat. This is because it only takes a maximum of 6 divers on board. She’s fast, fully shaded, and perfect for reaching those far-flung sites around the island. If you’re looking for the best Kona diving available, this is it.

To the north (weather permitting) we visit sites like LAX which has a massive 5 arch structure and some of the island’s best coral. Or Touch of Grey which has a deep arch with baby grey reef sharks swimming underneath.

To the south we visit chimney which is a vertical lava tube, or Nudi Cavern which is a lit cavern with sponge covered walls and ceilings covered in nudibranchs. Paradise pinnacle is a deep underwater pinnacle with loads of marine life. When it come to site options there are hundreds so you know your scuba diving Big Island experience will be unique.

The black water night dive is great for advanced divers as it requires excellent buoyancy control and there’s nothing else quite like it. Imagine floating in space with strange indescribable creatures floating by disappearing in the night.