min. of 4 guests

5 -7 pm departure -
changes with the setting of the sun

$139 - $159 Includes: air tanks or nitrox, weights, & dive light

(all prices are shown before taxes, fees, and any scuba equipment needed)

*Please note this charter requires a min. of 4 guests to run.

Join us on a night reef dive to explore the reef and see all the crazy critters that come out to play.

Dive Requirements

  • Certification Card
  • Must be in good health with no heart conditions
  • Minimum of 25 dives and been diving within the last 6 months
  • 18 or older – under 18 considered with a JOW Rescue Diver Certification
  • Should be comfortable backrolling off the boat if necessary
  • Be able to dive at least 60 minutes with an 80cf tank (100’s aren’t available)
  • You must remember there are other guests onboard that are looking for a premium experience so our standards MUST be met. Kindly be a responsible and considerate diver and respect these standards.

Directions to The Honu Lele