Now let us dive into the waters of Kona, Hawaii, and see for yourself why people are always talking about manta rays here! Kona is highly known for the most beautiful and most majestic sightings of these huge marine creatures known as Manta Rays. These fish are highly peaceful animals who keep on floating around spectators as well. They are attracted towards the plankton that is attracted by the bright lights set on rafts. You will once experience the sight of a huge manta ray, and you will keep coming back for more. This is how attractive they look, and this is why many people fly to Hawaii each year. Manta ray night snorkel will allow you to see why these sightings are most memorable.

So what do you know about manta ray? Let’s know all that we must know before heading out on a manta ray night snorkel. If you haven’t ever swum or don’t like getting into the water, then you don’t need to as well. You can observe the beautiful creatures while being on the boat above. They look amazing from there as well. But if you can swim, then don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the beauty of manta ray fish.

What should I do if I have a sighting on manta ray night snorkel?

If you get the luck of finding a manta ray around you, then you must follow the following rules:

  1. Observe only: Though you would get the strong urge to pet mantas but refrain from doing so. It would help if you did not touch the manta rays as this may take off the protective mucus coating from their surface. You must not try chasing, grabbing, or trying to take a ride on mantas. This won’t be good for the creatures themselves.
  2. Diver position: Divers must stay near or on the sand, boulder bottom, or rubble. There must be an open water column so that mantas can maneuver. Try avoiding any contact with sea urchins, coral, or other marine life. Try forming a semi-circle along with your group.
  3. Snorker position: Snorkerles are advised to stay near the surface. Try not diving in the water column where the mantas may be feeding.
  4. Use of lights: Divers must shine lights in an upward direction into the water column to attract plankton. Snorkelers should shine the light downward.
  5. Making bubbles: Divers should avoid exhaling the air out in bubbles directly on the mantas face.
  6. Taking photos and videos: Always be considerate of mantas and people while you take photos underwater. Minimize the equipment through the water column and allow mantas to reach you.

Will a manta ray always appear?

It is not obvious for any manta ray tour operator to say that you will get manta ray sightings. In a few cases, you may also not get to see any manta rays, and in such cases, you may get a refund. You may also request a rebook of the tour and come next time when you get lucky enough to spot manta rays. Manta rays will be highly peaceful and even friendly when you sight one. Hence no need to scare yourself out as all you have to do is observe. Keep your distance and don’t come in the way of manta rays feeding path. Let them roam around in their own path and see how beautiful everything is. You will be guided along with this by your tour operator; hence enjoy your time as everything else is in control.

Is manta ray night snorkel and dive the same things?

The main difference between a manta ray night snorkel and dive is the location vertically. If you are going on a snorkeling tour, you will stay near the water’s surface and hold onto a floating device. This device will also have lights fixed onto it that will attract the plankton and hence the manta rays. Whereas if you go on a dive, you will be right at the ocean floor and will observe eth manta rays while looking up.

Is it safe while swimming round manta rays?

Well, the safest! Manta rays are such peaceful creatures that will turn your dive into only a magical experience. A Manta Ray Night Snorkel will help you see that manta rays are only attracted to the plankton. They will come feeding on them and may even tough nearby observers. Whatsoever you are free of any harm posed by these peaceful creatures.

What items should I bring for the manta ray night snorkel tour?

A few items may be provided to you by the tour operators, like snorkelers, fins, and masks. At the same time, a few things like a towel, your swimsuit, and warm clothes must be with you by yourself. Snacks and food items can be found anywhere in touring sights; hence no need to pack those from your residence. Have you planned your trip already?

Or are you in the process of planning? In any case, Kona Honu Divers can be right by your side and help you through the process of booking your tour and having the sight of the most beautiful marine creatures.

Kona Huno Divers are giving Manta Ray Night Snorkel tours to observe how beautiful the marine life here is in Kona. You can see manta rays and observe their beauty in the most epic and raw forms. Kona is an ideal place to see marine life and spend time with them while they feed on plankton.

Most people keep coming back to Kona and keep taking Manta Ray Night Snorkel tours that keep them in love with marine life beauty. You can also capture the sightings of a manta ray on your tour hence don’t forget to bring your camera.

Kona awaits the snorkelers to show its magnificent underwater beauty and be loved by the spectators. When are you arriving?


Manta ray night snorkel is going to be once in a while kind of experience; hence make sure you come prepared with the following information.