We’ve broken it down for you

There’s a number of great spots to shore dive on the Big Island but what you think is great and what other’s think is great can differ. That’s why we’ve segregated the sites by different priorities. Looking for something nearby? We have a list for that. Looking for something deep? We also have a list for that. Looking for tiny critters? We also have a list for that! If you’re looking to rent gear check out our rentals page. We have the best shore diving gear and pricing on the island!

Dive Site Criteria:

Big Island Dive Sites by Location

Northern Kona & Kohala Dive Sites

Here’s a list of sites in order of proximity. They are all located up north and will be closest to the Hapuna Beach and Mauna Lani Area. These will also be the closest for people staying in Waimea or even Waikoloa resort area.

  1. Puako End of the Road
  2. Nudi Madness
  3. Mahukona
  4. Kua Bay

Kona Dive Sites

This list of sites are closest to downtown Kona and go out from there.

  1. Kailua Pier
  2. Old Airport
  3. Mile Marker 4
  4. Keahou Bay
  5. Kua Bay

South Kona Dive Sites

These sites will all be located near the Captain Cook Area going out from there.

  1. Manini Beach
  2. Ke’ei Beach
  3. 2 Step/Honaunau
  4. Ho’okena Beach Park

Ease of Entry

If you’re looking to simply stroll into the water these sites are the closest to easy entry you’re going to find. Nudimadness is by far the easiest being that you can simply stroll into the water without having to step up or down at all.

  1. Nudi Madness
  2. Ho’okena Beach Park
  3. Kua Bay
  4. Ke’ei Beach
  5. Kailua Pier
  6. 2 Step
  7. Pauko End of the Road

Big Critters

These are the best dive sites on the Big Island to find big critters in order of likelihood.

  1. Old Airport
  2. Mile Marker 4
  3. Puako End of the Road
  4. Keahou Bay

Small Critters

These are the best Big Island dive sites to encounter little things that require patience and time to find. Some critters may even require a magnifying glass!

  1. Nudi Madness
  2. Crescent Beach
  3. Mile Marker 4

Most Protected From Winter Swell

These sites will all have decent protection from the North West swells we often get from November thru April.

  1. 2 Step
  2. Kailua Pier
  3. Old Airport
  4. Ho’okena Beach Park

Best Freediving Spots on Big Island

Some great shore diving spots for Scuba diving are also excellent dive spots for freediving. Check out this page about the best freediving Hawaii Island has. Freediving Hawaii can be a mixed bag. The Big Island has some of the best freediving in all of Hawaii so it’s definitely worth checking it out.

Be Prepared for Shore Diving Big Island

inside of the dive shop with lots of colorful products on display
Kona Honu Divers has the best shore diving rental gear and freediving gear selection in Kona

So there you have it. If you’d like a recommendation for where to shore dive on the Big Island check out our page on the best shore diving on Big Island. There are of course other dive sites out there. Many require a treacherous entry or have lots of boat traffic. We don’t consider these other sites to be safe for divers to go without a guide. It’s also important for divers who do go shore diving to have a marker buoy with them to let boaters know they are in the area. Also it’s the law! You can visit our Kona dive shop to pick one up or rent some gear.

The rugged coastline of Kona requires some special gear that some divers may not yet have. It’s important to have some sturdy boots. This will protect your feet when you are traversing the sharp and sometimes slippery lava rock. Dive gear can add as much as 80 – 90 lbs more to your weight. This can make getting in and out a tricky situation. We only recommend sites were the entry and exit is doable for most people. No crazy jumps and rock climbing necessary.

If you have questions about shore diving Big Island don’t hesitate to swing by the shop or give us a call (808)324-4668