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Kona Honu Divers offers the best diving in Hawaii. With daily dive trips from Kona we love to show you the beauty of Hawaii’s underwater world. Our goal is to provide you with the safety and support needed so you can focus on fun. Scuba diving Hawaii is pretty great, but Kona Honu Divers happens to be in the best place in Hawaii to dive. Kona diving is so good because of our island. Hawaii Island is well protected from ocean swell by the other islands. We also have bays and points to help us shelter. This gives us the ability to offer Hawaii’s best diving year around.
One of the biggest reasons divers love diving with Kona Honu Divers is because we have the nicest dive boats in Kona. Our 46 foot custom newton dive special has been designed from the hull up to offer a spacious and comfortable experience for up to 49 passengers. To keep things nice and roomy we cap our capacity to 18 divers in the morning and 24 divers/snorkelers for the manta ray. This means you’ll be able to meander the vessel which offers multiple hangout locations. Kona diving in style!
Our boat the Honu Lele is a 33.5’ World Cat catamaran. She’s sleek and fast and will get you to our advanced sites down south or up north in style. It is capable of carrying up to 6 divers plus 2 crew. We will often do drift diving and advanced charters from this boat as well as private charters. People love the intimacy and the luxurious feel of this boat. She’s a real beauty! Scuba diving Hawaii will leave you spoiled.
Another reason why guests love to dive with us is our attention to detail. Divers return year after year because we take the extra effort to offer the highest level of service. This includes valet dive service. We make it easy so you can focus on fun! We will set up, clean, take-down, and clean your gear for you so all you have to do is dive. We will even store your gear for you between dives. Hawaii’s best diving is here.
Yet another excellent reason why divers come back again and again is our amenities. Our boat has many add-ons that you simply won’t get on other boats. This includes a hot-water shower and much more. But we don’t want to spoil it for you. You’ll just have to join us to find out why you should be scuba diving Hawaii with us!
Possibly the biggest reason why divers rate us so highly is our staff. We hire the top dive professionals and they like their jobs so much they just keep showing up! Our average employee has been with us for 5 years running. They love to ‘talk story’ with you and show you what makes scuba diving Hawaii so fantastic. Because our guides are so experienced they are able to find all the best critters so you can focus on the experience. Kona diving is Hawaii’s best diving with the right guide.
Another reason why people love to dive with us is our gear. We carry top-of-the-line gear from the best dive manufacturers. Our lights for the manta ray night dive and blackwater dive are American-made and give you the power you need to see the show. Our regulators are produced by Atomic Aquatics. They are the premier regulator manufacturer in the world with the most reliable and easiest breathing regulators on the market. Our computers are made by Suunto and offer an easy to read and easy to use interface. Put together, our gear will make you feel good while you explore the reefs. Kona diving really shines when you don’t have to worry about your gear. 
Not only is Kona Honu Divers the top rated and reviewed dive company in Hawaii but the Big Island of Hawaii is the best place to dive in all of the Hawaiian islands. This is because of a few factors. Because our island is a massive mountain (the world’s largest) sticking out of the ocean. The steepness of the sides of the island means there is very little sand and so the visibility is often very good to excellent. Visibility can range from 40-80ft on a typical day. Also the Big Island of Hawaii is well protected from the open ocean swells by the other Hawaiian Islands. This means we have pretty great diving most of the year around!
We love our repeat guests as we have many people year after year who will return to dive with us. Kona diving offers so many surprises. The great thing about scuba diving Big Island is the variety available here. On a single dive you could see the tiniest nudibranch up to the largest whale all on the same dive! Kona is a waypoint for many large marine animals. That’s one of the reasons we have the best diving Hawaii offers. Whales, dolphins, pilot whales, and whale sharks are seen regularly from our boats.
Finally one of the reasons people love Kona Honu Divers is our fantastic Kona dive shop. We stock custom designs found nowhere else in the world! Our art is created in house by our talented staff artists. We carry hydroflasks, shirts, sun wear, hats and stickers so you can represent back home.
With so many reasons to join us out on the water what are you waiting for! Book the best diving Hawaii adventure you’ll ever have!

Kona Honu Divers is the #1 rated and reviewed dive shop in Hawaii. Book Now to see why divers love diving with us!