Kona Honu Divers was rated the top dive operator for the Pacific and Indian Ocean region by Scuba Diving Magazine readers. Scuba Diving Magazine holds an annual survey of its readers choices for the best diving around the world. For 2022 readers chose Kona Honu Divers as their favorite Kona diving company beating out other local shops such as Jacks Diving Locker, Big Island Divers, and Kona Diving Company among others. Kona Honu Divers also received top honors with a readers choice award for the best staff of any company in the Pacific and Indian Ocean region. Kona Honu Divers is known for its best diving Big Island Hawaii because it focuses on quality. This is seen throughout it’s operation from it’s boats to it’s shop to it’s staff and even it’s gear.

Kona Honu Divers wins 2022 Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Awards

  • Overall *Readers Choice
  • Quality of Staff *Readers Choice
  • Quality of Dive Boats
  • Quality of Rental Gear
  • Quality of Facilities
  • Quality of Dive Training and Courses
  • Attention to Safety
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Kona Honu Divers is a regular choice for many divers choosing to return to the best diving Big Island Hawaii has to offer. We received top honors from Scuba Diving Magazine readers as the overall readers choice pick among all of the dive companies in the Pacific. We received this award because of our relentless focus on quality offering the highest quality diving experience available in the Pacific. Our staff is easily the biggest reason for our rating.

Quality of Dive Staff

It’s our people that make for such an amazing experience day after day diving Kona’s beautiful waters. On average our staff have been with us for about 5 years with many having been with us for 7 – 20 years. We do our best ti find the most high character and experienced dive guides, captains, technicians, and shop staff. Like attracts like as our staff is some of the best in the world.

Quality of Dive Boats

Our boats are some of the best maintained, safe, functional, and well appointed in the pacific. Our captains proactively maintain our boats to ensure smooth operation throughout the year so we cancel fewer trips due to mechanical issues than other dive companies. We also appoint our boats well so you feel like you’re on a boat that you’d be proud to own. With seadeck padding on the walking surfaces and camera tables the Honu One is our flagship. She is roomy and has multiple hangout spots for viewing the ocean and having out in the sun or the shade. She also comes with a hot shower and marine head. The Honu Lele, our premium offering is smaller but at 33.5 feet she’s still got plenty of room for up to 6 divers. She’s faster than the Honu One and is a more exclusive offering with comfy padding and loads of shade. Our boats are marked by their comfort, style, and easy entry/exit from the ocean. If you’re looking for the best diving Big Island Hawaii has this is it!

Quality of Rental Gear

We only carry the best gear from the top scuba manufacturers in the dive industry. We also turn the gear over regularly so you will always get a functional and attractive piece of gear. Our regulators are made by Atomic, the top regulator in the world. They feature a swivel hose and natural breathing. We proactively maintain with a bench-test every 3 months so you can be sure they will work flawlessly every time you dive. The regulator set also comes with a computer so you can track your dive easily. Our bcds are Cressi and we swap them out with new ones once a year. Our 5mm wetsuits are made by Bare and feature soft comfy neoprene and robust design.

Quality of Facilities

You’ll see when you walk into our shop you may be surprised by the feel of the interior that you’re not in an ordinary dive shop. From the warm greetings from our staff to the unique decor we are always looking to up our game in terms of what you will find when shopping for the latest in dive gear or swag. We also offer rentals, repairs, and we have a classroom where we teach Freediving courses. Our boat the Honu One sits in the Harbor in a slip that is perched over the water making it easy to rest in the shade and hop aboard our flagship vessel.

Quality of Dive Training and Courses

Because of our classroom and staff we are able to offer scuba diving courses Hawaii and freediving courses Hawaii. Our experienced staff will guide you effortlessly through your course to give you the confidence you need to be a comfortable and well trained diver or freediver and experience the best diving Big Island Hawaii has. We love bringing new divers of all ages into the world.

Attention to Safety

Our first value is safety, so no doubt we are the safest operator. It is practiced in everything we do to ensure you won’t have to worry about the dive. You can just have a good time and enjoy the best diving Big Island Hawaii has. We are the only dive operator in Kona that uses a diver recall system in the event of an emergency that allows us to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances. Our crew also practices and drills for emergencies. This means when they do happen we are ready to take charge and handle the problem with ease. We also work pro-actively to ensure we are taking divers that meet our requirements. We have some of the strictest requirements for divers of any dive shop in the world.

So why don’t you come dive with us to see for yourself why the best diving Big Island Hawaii is here in Kona with Kona Honu Divers. If you’re a serious diver check out our free nitrox while booking one of our dive packages. You’ll see why so many Scuba Diving Magazine readers love to come back year after year.