If you’re looking to scuba diving Hawaii then you will love Kona diving. We have some of the best diving in Hawaii. This is because Hawaii has crystal clear waters. The Big Island of Hawaii has crystal clear waters because we have very little sand. We are basically a giant mountain sticking out from the ocean. If you took the mountain from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the top of Mauna Kea where the observatory’s are it would be the largest mountain in the world.

Kona also has great scuba diving because we are sheltered by the other islands from large ocean swells by the other islands. This means that we enjoy nice ocean conditions almost the entire year around. Sometimes in the conditions are not so great we are even able to shelter in the many bays available along the Kona Coast. This means there can be great diving almost 3’s hundred and 65 days year.

One of the best reasons to consider scuba diving Hawaii is because of our wonderful beautiful coral reefs. Kona’s coast is known as the Gold Coast. This is because we have a beautiful fish called a yellow tang. The yellow Tang is collected by aquarists here and distributed throughout the world. You’ll find the yellow tangs and aquariums and they probably are from the Kona Coast.

Aside from her beautiful colorful fish one of the reasons why you’d want to go scuba diving Hawaii is because we also have lots of eels! Often you’ll go on to scuba dive and see multiple different species of eels on the same dive! Often the heels will leave the reef and surround during the day. Sometimes you’ll see some really interesting meals a night as well. You’ll see Conger eels and other eels that you may not see during the day. Even when you’re swimming over the sand you might see some snake eels which are really cool. They put their little heads out of the sand and sit still and wait for their prey to swim by. Also we have some really unique and endemic eels called garden eels. You’ll find them in coves like Garden eel Cove the die side of the world famous manta ray dive. They live in the sand and waved back and forth in the water much like eelgrass. You’ll see hundreds of them together and as you swim near them they slowly withdraw into their sandy dens.

One reason Kona diving can be so great is the critter hunting! If you have a good dive guide they can find some amazing creatures. Especially little things like nudibranchs. We have some really amazing little nudibranchs that you never knew existed! We have the Pikachu nudibranch, the Shaun the sheep nudibranch, gold lace nudibranchs, and so many more! Some of them are super tiny. Others can be quite large like the Spanish dancer. The colors in Friday nudibranchs can be pretty spectacular.

For nature lovers one of the best things about Kona diving are the fish! Hawaii has the highest rate of and the mizzen of anywhere in the world. This means that we have more unique fish on the reef that you won’t see anywhere else. We even offer a course on endemic fish taught here at Kona Honu divers. There are some really neat and interesting fish like the psycho wrasse, the bandit angelfish, and the potters Angelfish. 

Compared to other scuba diving destinations around the world Hawaii is probably one of the best places to see the octopus. The wind a octopus is a very common preacher to find on the reefs. You’ll see them cruising the reefs easily during the day. Locals call the day octopus a tako. Taco can be found on the menu at many restaurants or even served as Poke at the grocery store. The octopus is a really amazing creature. We will be writing more about this interesting cephalopod. One fun fact that most people don’t realize is that octopus have arms not suckers. If you’re lucky you’ll see more than one octopus at a time. This usually happens when they are mating. One great trick of the octopus is that it can make itself look exactly like the surrounding reef. This means they can be very difficult to spot less you know what to look for. Otherwise if they move then they can be much easier to spot. A good dive guide can find many octopus on one single dive!

Another great thing about scuba diving Hawaii is the visibility. We have some of the clearest waters in the Pacific. Typical visibility will range between 30 to 100 feet. This is also 10 to 30 m. A normal day will usually be around 40 to 60 feet of visibility. The reason for this is because the Big Island of Hawaii has very little sand unlike the other Hawaiian islands it is newer and so it’s mostly comprise of rock and coral reefs. This means that you will get excellent visibility most of the year around.

SCUBA diving Hawaii also has some of the calmest waters. The Big Island of Hawaii is protected from a lot of the open ocean swell by the other Hawaiian islands this means Kona’s coast is much calmer. Because of the many bays we are able to shelter and protect ourselves from the open ocean swell. This means that the big island is one of the best places to scuba dive in the world. If you’re considering scuba diving Hawaii Kona should be your first choice. Kona hunted divers offers many package discounts. For serious divers they should definitely come to the Big Island of Hawaii because diving with Kona Honu divers they will get free night trucks and great deals. They also be treated like family or as we say Ohana. Kona divers is Hawaii’s highest rated diving company. See for yourself why Kona Honu divers is the choice of most serious divers. Give us a call or book now.