Are you going to explore the waters of Kona this summer? You might be excited to explore the beauty of Kona waters and the marine life living there in abundance. There are many marine life animals in Kona waters and generally in all-natural habitats where they use certain abilities to hide in the background. This natural tendency of animals is known as camouflage. This ability is adapted in animals naturally overtime to save themselves from predators and other attacking beings. Most animals develop this ability with time and save themselves several times from being killed or eaten or captured by human beings out there for scuba diving Kona. 

While you go on your trip to scuba diving Kona you will find many such amazing animals that people outside may never get the sight of. Let us explore such amazing animals that are making the top in the lists of amazing marine life.

1. Whale Shark

The whale shark is also named scientifically as Rhincodon typus. It is a slow-moving carpet shark feeding on the filter and is also the sea’s biggest fish. Most scuba divers spend their whole lives in hopes of catching the whale shark sight. They also book some specific snorkel only trips to water depths in hopes of finding this beautiful fish.

This fish is also seen in waters of Mexico, Contoy, etc. from June till September. These sharks gather there in huge numbers to feed on their favorite meal, i.e. plankton. But it is an even remarkable thing to see when it is unexpected to find one. And you can find a whale shark in the waters of many different countries.

2. Variable Neon Slug

This colorful sea creature has also named the nudibranch, and it is a particular species that can grow up to 4 inches, which is the biggest one for this species. They are loved by photographs that capture pictures underwater as these snails have striking colors and forms. There are around 2000 species of this creature in
the world.

3. Frogfish

The frogfish or the anglerfish are tiny, short, and stocky animals covered in
patterns of appendages to cover themselves through camouflage. They mostly look like little lumps of sponge. This wacky-looking frogfish is mostly found in waters and is so-called walking fish. It walks by using its pectoral fins over the seabed while it moves. It may resemble a beach ball that is pushed in the sand by wind. Unlike the other frogfishes which use their esca and illicium to attract their prey, this frogfish hides in stone cracks and crevices and waits until the favorite prey comes around.

4. Pygmy Seahorse

This cute little seahorse is less than an inch long, and it lives in the fan corals, and it resembles that as well. This allows it to camouflage and hides from predators. This little creature hides so well that it was only discovered in 1969 by a scientist who collected a few gorgonians samples that they were living on. There is very little information about this creature’s population, but many divers deal with these shy creatures with a lot of care.

5. Manta Ray

Ah, the beautiful and majestic manta rays will always be the most attractive beautiful creature for people on scuba diving Kona. These creatures hold a certain charm to their look that no one can deny how attractive they are. These creatures roam freely in water as if they fly in it and keep their mouths open while swimming. They do so to feed on plankton that is present in water in huge amounts. These are also hunted in huge amounts for their gill rakers in other parts of the world where they are found, but in Kona, they are protected and are even named for each one of them. Manta ray fish don’t hide, but their body colour resembles a lot to the seawater.

6. Red-spotted Blenny

Most of these fish are only plain adorable little fleshy filament-headed fish that look a little comical. There are over 8—species of these blennies in the ocean and they are mostly hardly found. They hide in home burrows and in cervices and are mostly reclusive. A few are found in bottles as well. The red-spotted blenny is a type of combtooth blenny found in coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian seas.

7. Leafy Seadragon

While scuba diving Kona, you will find this beautiful and exotic animal diving in Kona and other oceans’ waters. They get their name from mythical dragons as they have such a great resemblance with them. They are also known as leafies. Divers mostly find them in Edithburgh and Rapid Jetty to look for them and photograph them.

The leafy sea dragon is a marine fish in the family Syngnathidae, which incorporates sea dragons, pipefish, and seahorses. It is the solitary individual from the sort Phycodurus.

8. Caribbean Reef Shark

This shark is found in tropical waters and is very popular among divers. People fear sharks, but you should know that sharks fear us even more. More sharks are killed by humans each year compared to humans killed by sharks. These are beautiful and fierce-looking fish, and they often send chills in divers spines while they spot them underwater.e

Okay, it is a snake, and many people are afraid of them and prefer never facing them. But these snakes are truly wonderful and fascinating. These snakes spend most of their time hunting in the sea and also come to the shore to reproduce. They are rather nasty to boot but only become aggressive when they are frightened. Why scuba diving Kona becomes so much fun is that you may encounter these exotic snakes on your journey.

These were a few animals you may encounter during your trip down into the seabed. Scuba diving Kona is considered one of the most amazing travels or dives that one can have because of the thrill and excitement that comes along. So are you ready to start your trip down into the waters and the natural habitats of these beautiful animals?