Hawaii is known for the rich marine life it has and for all the water sports one can enjoy being in this area. Many people fly to Hawaii to attain all the fun and leisure that there is in Hawaii as this island is abundant with all-natural beauties. You may see tourists and residents always out to explore how beautiful is Hawaii and the exotic animals that there are in the waters. Many water sports that you can enjoy in Hawaii include scuba diving at the top. It is the most loved sport and is always attracting tourists to come to Hawaii and enjoy scuba diving at its best. but what are the animals that you can see during scuba diving? Let us explore.

Hawaii Turkey Fish

The scientific name given to Hawaii Turkey fish is Pterois sphex. It is from the scorpionfish family. The characteristics that these fish include their venomous spines. This is the defense mechanism they use against larger predators and stay away from getting eaten by them. This specific species is endemic to Hawaiian islands. There are also other fish that are genus Pterois elsewhere in the world. These Hawaiian species are smaller than other fish of the same species found in other parts of the world. 

Leaf Fish:

These leaf scorpionfish are a colorful and highly pretty fish that is highly colorful and is very famous in photographers. It is also mostly known as the Paperfish. This is the species that is widely distributed in Hawaiian island and is found in tropical waters that range from indo pacific to east Africa and also the Red Sea. It is the only fish in the Taenianotus genus. The leaf scorpionfish is a small and compressed scorpionfish that has a high long sail resembling the dorsal fin which is mostly lifted up. It also has a variably developed beard that has fine appendages around its mouth and hydroids and algae can grow on its skin surface. It is also known to shed off its skin periodically. (primetimetallahassee.com) The leaf scorpionfish is highly good at hiding in its habitat using the ability to camouflage. Its camouflage is so accurate that most divers don’t even notice it being blended in the background. 

Devil Scorpionfish:

This devil scorpionfish comes with its venomous fin spines that inflict venom that can paralyze the prey or even your foot if you step onto them. Fortunately, the species that are most dangerous ones of these species are not found in Hawaii. To not come across injuries, try not standing on or touching the reef. They are ambush predators and feed on small fish and crustaceans. These fish hunt their prey by sitting motionless until some prey comes into their range. They are great at blending in with their environment and can blend in any reef surrounding. 


From afar frogfish may look like sponges or some algae-covered rocks that have loose and scaleless skin. Their color matches with the background. When its prey is close enough, the frogfish can open its mouth ten times wider than its hiding position. And this is how it can suck in prey that is as long as itself. these fish can not only prey on other animals while hiding in a camouflage position but can also attract other fish. Other hungry are given a bait and a fishing pole that hangs from over the head of the frogfish and to the front of their mouth. 

Millet Seed Butterfly Fish:

The millet seed butterflyfish is mostly seen by divers during scuba diving in Hawaii. These are found at all depths. Though there are many of these fish but it is still an endemic species which means it is found only in the waters of Hawaii. It gets the name given to it due to the rows of black spots on its body that resemble millet seeds arranged vertically on its body. These are mostly seen in huge swarms feeding over egg patches of a few other fishes and may also sometimes clean other fishes. 

Hawaiian Chub:

A fast, skittish species that is very rarely found in small groups on reeds when exposed to surge on any depth level, this is fish is found in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. It has a gray color and has faint brown lines, and sometimes has a pale mid-body band and charcoal gray color with speckles all over. It is a popular fish to catch among the locals. You can find a lot of these in your scuba diving Hawaii experience. 

Panther Flounder:

The panther flounder is mostly on sand or in the rubble at any depth. The forehead profile is quite round and the eyes are very close together. This super compressed fish is mostly found half-buried in or over the sand of lagoons, sheltered reefs, and bays. They feed over small fish, worms, and invertebrates. At their birth, they don’t swim on the sides. Their eyes are also separate but when they mature, one migrates to the other side. 

Bluefin Trevally:

The Bluefin Trevally lives in inshore environments that include bys, shallow reefs and lagoons and also in deep offshore atolls and reefs. Juveniles like shallower protected waters and even entering estuaries for smaller periods of their lives in a few locations. The Bluefin Trevally has strong predatory abilities with a diet that is mostly fish when they grow up. They eat small crustaceans but move towards a fish-based diet when they mature. This species shows a wide range of hunting techniques that range from aggressive mid-water attacks, foraging interactions, and reef ambushes. They change their colors for mating and hunting reasons. 

These were some of the most amazing animals you can find in your scuba diving Hawaii experience. This will be the most memorable experience of your life. Are you ready to head out to Hawaiian waters and enjoy life closer to nature? So are you ready to visit Scuba diving in Hawaii in December? Pack your bags and fly to Hawaii enjoy a lot.