Spearfishing is an old method of fishing that is practiced all around the world. It holds the same importance today and is one of the most eco friendly and liked methods of acquiring nutritious and fresh seafood. It does not need weapons or any dangerous instruments that might cause pollution in the water. Best of all it is always fun and exciting. 

Before you head out to dive or hunt for a sizeable bass or snapper, you will have to make sure you carry all that you need to catch. It may be helpful if you consult professionals for the needed equipment that you may use for a preferred location. This is because the equipment you may need in San Diego or New Zealand may not be useful in the Caribbean. A few general tools and items you may need as spearfishing gear are as under

1. Fishing License

While technically, it may not be a part of your fishing gear you still may need to have a sportfishing license before you head out for fishing. In many states, you may get fined for doing fishing without a license and you may even get sentenced for hunting to prison time. as a rule, you will have to check with the local agencies, fishermen supply, and lifeguards for more information before you start doing anything. 

2. Weapon of Choice

Now your basic weapon for spearfishing is the pole spears, Hawaiian slings, or a speargun are used. Hawaiian slings and the pole spears require you to be close to the fish but the only difference is that the sling’s band will remain in your hand whereas the pole spear leaves the fisherman’s hand completely when it is used to spear the fish. For the speargun, they change depending on the construction, someone manually released using the sling or band, while the others are gas or air-powered. 

If you decide to go with speargun you will have to consider the visibility of water and the fish size that you are hunting before you decide on the kind of purchase. Low visibility areas will need you to move in close that makes the short spearguns be more effective. Unless you are fishing a bigger fish you will not need thick shafts or the air-powered speargun. In many cases where you are only going to need a mid-sized, multiple band speargun having an extra reach, you may get away with the roller guns. 

3. Spearfishing Wetsuits, Rash Guards

One of the most important items you will be needing prior to spearfishing or diving for this matter is the wetsuit. There are different kinds of wetsuits to pick from based on the underwater activity and water temperature. For spearfishing, you will need to consider the thickness of the suit especially when you are diving in warmer climates. It is mostly advisable to pick the one that isn’t thicker than 1.5mm unless you are going to go deeper in the cold water. If you aren’t going to perform deeper dives or are staying in water over long periods then you may get away with only wearing the rash guard. 

4. Mask and Snorkel

While you are choosing a mask for the spearfishing action, there are many things you will need to remember. First, you will have to go for the low profile mask that allows less air in and also reduces the pressure that you might need to deal with when you are equalizing underwater. Next, you choose the one that offers the most visibility. We don’t mean you must automatically head out for the see-through lenses that are the only best ones for clean waters. If you are going for diving in low visibility regions, you need to go for the colored lenses as they are designed to boost the contrast and also help you see a lot better underwater. Meanwhile, the mirrored lenses are also great for hiding your eyes and may also attract fish because of the reflection. 

5. Gloves

Gloves are highly helpful in giving you protection and warmth for your hands. These don’t also hinder you from loading the speargun. Thick or thin gardening gloves that you use for surfing may also work, but you might want to go for the purpose-built gloves for spearfishing. This will ensure they are comfortable and light wear yet is sturdy enough for this sport. 

6. Booties

This item of the spearfishing gear is the one that gives you comfort. You need to look for the ones that are thick enough to keep your feet warm and also give you a soft barrier in your fins and feet. These must be designed for extreme comfort and performance. Look for the ones that are made to fit different parts of the foot. 

7. Freediving Fins

The spearfishing gear will also include the freediving fins. These are mostly used in scuba but this doesn’t mean they are only for that purpose. To go on an enhanced spearfishing and freediving experience, most people prefer the freediving fins as this may help you to get the right propulsion. This will also help you conserve the energy you have while you go deep in eth water. You may choose from fiberglass, plastic, and carbon fins. If you are just a beginner then you can save money while getting the plastic fins. 

8. Weight Belt

To make sure that you do not float towards the surface you are going to need a weight belt. These are very durable belts that are designed to keep holding on to lead weights so that you can wear just the perfect amount of weight for the body to achieve a very neutral buoyancy on the surface of the water. 

These were a few spearfishing gear that will help you perform this activity a lot well and will help you catch more fish. Are you going for the first time to a fishing experience or you are an experienced one? Do let us know which items you have bought from the above-given list.


A few spearfishing gears will help you perform this activity better and help you catch more fish.