Are you a night owl or an early riser? Whatsoever you are going to love manta ray night dive equally and fully. There is so much that you can explore down in the water but seeing the magnetic manta rays is a one of a kind experience that is unbeatable and bucket-list-checking. These beautiful marine animals attract many divers from around the world each year to come to Hawaii and see them up close. 

Even night hundreds of divers jump into the ocean near Kona’s coast to see the greatest show underwater.

What is Manta Ray Night Dive? 

The more you think about it and the more you research you will keep falling in love with the idea of watching massive manta rays dancing an underwater ballet in front of your face. You get to see all the manta rays gathering around lighthouses feeding on plankton. They open their huge mouths and let their food flow into them. These animals are so calm and elegant that seeing them will make you remember the moment forever. In fact, most divers use the term ‘as if a manta ray swam by you’ to express the amazement and beauty of something.

The more you try exploring the world of manta rays the more you start falling in love with them. Groups of manta rays soar around the divers where there is light fixed either on the sea bed or falling from the lighthouse. these huge animals are totally harmless and don’t affect the divers at all. In fact, divers are suggested to not touch them as this can harm their fragile skin. Hawaii is home to many manta rays and each of them is also named and taken well care of. Divers are given special instructions before they go on a diving trip. Seeing these manta rays will definitely take your breath away. 

Can I Photograph Manta Rays?

In your manta ray night dive, you will spot many manta rays and will make you grab your camera and take some great photographs. You can get fantastic images at eye level with manta rays. You definitely can capture pictures of manta rays and bring back the exciting memory with you. There are many people who go to the waters of Hawaii to only photograph these exotic animals. You can enjoy capturing the most attractive shots during the night time when darkness all around and the only light from fixed lights males manta rays look even more thrilling. Capture them slowly moving around you feeding on their dinner ie plankton. 

What Equipment do I need to dive with Manta Rays at Night?

Diving with manta rays is a unique experience and you don’t want to be short of breath down there right? You will have to carry your special diving equipment with you that includes a diving mask and a snorkel, a wet suit, fins, scuba tank, regulator, scuba gloves, a depth gauge, and a flashlight to go down there in the water layers. You will be able to enjoy your time by having the right equipment with you so that you can also have fun seeing the manta rays. 

What if I don’t know how to swim?

If you can’t swim and still want to see the manta rays, you can try doing offshore diving. This can save you from going underwater but still let you experience the beauty of these majestic marine animals. Most people try this kind of manta ray viewing and see the mantas from above rather than seeing them being in them. So which experience will you have of seeing the manta rays?

Manta rays are an attraction source for many tourists to fly to Hawaii and observe these animals by eye. There are many people who think seeing manta rays while being in them may be harmful but these are only those who haven’t swum with them. These animals are totally harmless creatures that are only there to feed on plankton. They don’t harm people who are there for a manta ray night dive and calmly keep swimming around them with ease. Though it may be frightening on the first try but as soon as you get used to it even on yoru first attempt you will find seeing manta rays a very beautiful experience. Most people will end up coming back to Hawaii over and over again to see these majestic animals. Hawaii generates a good amount of revenue from the tourist attractions it has out of which one main is the manta ray night dive. 

These manta rays can vary in size and some can actually be quite huge-ranging a wingspan of 20 meters. Seeing such a huge creature approaching by may feel scary but no matter the size these creatures are harmless. They feed on the tiniest plankton and don’t have anything to do with human beings. Sometimes they like swimming around people and that is just even more beautiful.

You should always follow your guides and do as they say as they are experienced people who know what to do underwater and how one should behave around manta rays. Don’t try panicking out or scaring away these calm creatures. Calmly view the beautiful creatures and see how they spend their lives underwater. These animals were getting endangered in the world but then Hawaiian organizations took it on themselves to protect this majestic species and now they are back to their original number. Now many manta rays swim in the waters of Hawaii and gather at certain spots every night to have their dinner. How beautiful is the nature spread around us and how amazing it is to get into the natural habitats of manta rays and explore how they live down there!

So are you ready to amaze yourself with the sight of these elegant creatures? Pack your bags and fly to Hawaii and see for yourself what the whole hype is about!