With an abundance of divers experienced and inexperienced coming through our shop and diving from our boats every day we see all kinds of shenanigans. Since the sport of scuba diving is so reliant on gear it’s important that your gear is ready to go. This means the occasional service or inspection. Kona Honu Divers offers free inspection and bench testing of your regulator set. Our service and repair center is the best scuba dive gear repair Kona has. When most people get their reg set serviced they think of their primary and their first stage but many will forget about their Air 2. An air 2 is a regulator that is integrated into your low pressure inflator. This means it stays put on your BCD (buoyancy compensation device). If you bring your regulator set into our shop to take advantage of the free inspection & bench test it’s important to remember to also provide us with your air 2 from your BCD or just bring in your BCD and we’ll inspect that too! It can’t hurt to take a look. Most regulators require annual servicing so it’s important to at the very least get them inspected. If you’re looking for scuba dive gear repair Kona Honu Divers has an excellent gear repair facility with highly trained technicians.

Before & After Servicing a Neglected Air 2 Pictures

See the difference? The amount of corrosion that had built up on this customer’s Air 2 was dramatic. Remember, you could be putting your life on the line with this kind of neglect. The air you breath is passing through this hardware and into your lungs. Sometimes the small openings used in the regulator breathing apparatus can become constricted of clogged by the corroded material. This could make it difficult if not impossible to get air from your air 2 when you most need it!

Remember before you do your dive to do a quick gear check BWRAF. BCD, Weights, Regulator (This includes your Alternate Air 2), Air, Fins & accessories.

How do you test your air 2 to make sure it is functional? Connect your regulator’s first stage to a scuba tank and then connect the hose from the reg set to your Air 2. Then pressurize the regulator set by twisting the tank valve knob open. Listen closely for any small hissing sounds coming from the Air2. It helps if you are in a quiet environment. If there are no obvious sounds give then end cap on the Air2 a quick press. If the regulator flows it is properly pressurized. Try taking a breath off the Air2. Does it deliver the air seamlessly?

Free Bench Testing

Kona Honu Divers offers free bench testing. This means we will inspect your regulator set and your BCD for free and make sure it is working within specifications FOR FREE! If we find something that can be made better we will let you know and it’s your call whether you want it addressed. If your looking for scuba dive gear repair Kona Honu Divers has what you need.

We frequently receive regulator sets and outdated equipment that has been sitting in the closet for years if not decades. While we cannot work miracles we always do our best to find the parts and perform the servicing necessary to get you back in the water and diving again.