Hawaii is a heaven for people who like going underwater, or who like beaches, or those who have awe for marine life. There is just too much to look out for in Hawaii. Once you step Big Island, you will find multiple such opportunities that would take you to the sea bed. You will get to see the beautiful marine life that is living in its natural habitat and will get mesmerized by how beautiful nature can be. If you are planning to go on scuba diving Hawaii, then this is the ideal plan you have set for.

People of Hawaii feel pride in being the hosts of those flying from all around the world to see the natural beauty of this place. The experience of scuba diving will keep you thrilled, no matter how many dives you take. Diving, in Big Island, is a way of life there. People take it as their work and passion and are experts in this area of life. So to introduce to the most amazing little (or big) creatures under the surface of the water, we have the following article. Scuba diving Hawaii will allow you to explore all of these animals.

Green Sea Turtles (Honu)

Green sea turtles are just the favourites of the people of Hawaii. They are now a threatened species all around the world but are mostly and quite commonly found in Hawaii. They have green fat in their shell and organs, a huge body, and paddle flippers. They are mostly sighted in shallow lagoons where they keep doing their own thing, i.e. eating. They munch peacefully on seagrass and keep enjoying their time without being disturbed by anything at all.

Manta Rays

These are some of the biggest fish present in the ocean. These majestic pelagic fish may be intimidating having a wingspan of 20 feet and even more. Manta rays are profoundly found in the waters of Big Island. These fish don’t have stingers and hence are safe to be around. All of the manta rays present in Kona have their own name and are living there for many years. A single manta ray can live up to 50 years of age; hence they have adapted well to people visiting them. If you ever happen to go to Big Island, missing on the joy and thrill of seeing a manta ray during your scuba diving Hawaii is not a good deal. Manta rays feed on plankton only, and they pose no harm to human beings.

Heller’s Barracuda

These are the toothy grinned babies and can seem quite daunting having long bodies, fang-like teeth, scales, and a huge pointed head. They mostly have dark green, blue, or grey bodies, silvery sides, and have white bellies. They may carry variations such as dark bars or black spots over the side. These can be up to 7 feet long and around 12 inches wide. They are very fast and furious, mostly found near the surface of the water, around seagrasses and coral reefs. They are mostly attracted to shiny items and may sometimes mistake humans for food. But there hasn’t been any case of them attacking anyone; hence there isn’t any cause of alarm.

Blackspot Sergeant

This is a sleek and chic underwater beauty, that has a sleek black body with vertical white lines. You will find them in small groups roaming around reefs, feeding on invertebrates, algae, and crustaceans. These are quite fun to watch, as they seem witty and smart. Your scuba diving experience will allow you to see so much more than you thought.

Hawaiian white-spotted Toby

This is another fashionable fish having a brown body, green eyes, and white spots all across. Toby is also nm3ed as the Sharpnose Pufferfish as they have those elongated snouts. They are less than four inches in length and swim here and there with pairs in search of algae. They aren’t really dangerous but can be quite annoying as they would be nipping on fins of other fish and biting off the skins of turtles.

Yellowtail Coris

When young, these fish bear a reddish-brown body which is dotted with a total of three white spots that are outlined in black and two white spots over the head with whitetails. When they grow older, their white tails turn flashy yellow and their bodies also turn to a greenish-brown colour as their heads turn red having blue lines. They are quite funny to watch while they flip over rocks using their heads and mouths. After being 2.4 inches long, they start swimming alone.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin

Known for many other acrobats, dolphins also spin according to their longitudinal axis and lead out in the air. This is a true scene to see and holds magnificent beauty. They enjoy their time while resting in shallow bays along with deep water and go offshore during sunset to feed. These are very friendly creatures and are always ready to have a fun time with people. Scuba diving Hawaii will allow you to see so much more than you thought you would. Seeing dolphins is everyone’s right, and they are also ready to greet you in.

Scuba diving Hawaii can be even better if you choose the right dive company such as Kona Honu Divers. These are the most authentic people you will find in this area to let you see the beauty of marine life. If you believe you are ready to take the plunge of seeing the true beauty of Hawaii, then you must book your tour with Kona Honu Divers. The underwater life gives you a whole new perspective on life and lets you find the calm of mind.

The most important thing while you stay here in Hawaii is that life is short, and we need to make more of it. Kona awaits for people who come here being guests and like exploring nature. Right after you head over to the beach, you will find a boost of thrill and joy in your blood. So scuba diving Hawaii is going to be the ideal activity that will bring you close to marine life.


Scuba diving in Hawaii is going to help you see so much natural beauty that there may exist underwater!