The island is large and the drive time to the dock is something to consider when making your decision on where to stay. Staying in and around Kona town while you are diving with us is advised.

We recommend checking out Boundless Hawaii for your vacation rental. There are plenty of properties to choose from to fit your needs AND it is run by fellow divers!


Treat yourself! After a great week of diving, you will eventually have to have a dry day. Why not schedule a massage? Massage Hop will come to your accommodations and pamper you before the plane ride home.

What to do when you can’t scuba dive

Cruise down to Kealakekua Bay aboard our partner Kona Snorkel Trips on Orca and enjoy a morning of snorkeling in one of the most beautiful bays around the island. Book online now!

Take a historic cruise aboard the Body Glove and enjoy dinner in K-bay with live music. Book online now!

Take a ride on Hawaii’s fasted boat looking for large pelagic animals on the Open Ocean Safari.

Try your hand at spearfishing. Learn about safety and sustainability with Top Shot Spearfishing. Give us a call to set it up!

Take a kayak tour to Captain Cook monument with Kona Boys.

Go deep sea fishing to catch and release your dream fish or catch dinner in a sustainable way. Kona Sea Adventures is respectful of the ocean and has some really lucky lures!

Favorite lunch spots and watering holes…

After a fantastic morning of diving it is time to get some ono food. Our favorites:

Broke Da Mouth (local plate lunch) – Spicy Furikake Chicken!
Umekes – Poke and fish tacos
Kona Brewing Company – pizza and beer
Island Naturals – a quick fix with semi healthy choices

Watering holes:

Ola Brew – right across the street from the shop! Ciders are made with local fruit and they just won the local hero award! A food truck is typically there after 5pm. Ask us about taking a brewery tour or Book online now! Ola is open till 10pm so you can still enjoy a delicious pint after the manta charter.

Humpy’s Big Island Alehouse – has a pretty extensive beer menu and limited food for after the manta. It can get crowded on Friday and Saturday nights.

Huggo’s on the Rocks – everyone loves to have a drink and watch the sunset with their toes in the sand. Pretty good happy hour.