Have you ever been in a dive shop that has banners everywhere, There’s a plastic folding table with some loud people seated at it so you barely have enough room to browse the merchandise. The selections are minimal with a couple of masks and fins and the corner is piled with office stuff. This used to be our shop 5 years ago 😕

Kona Dive Shops | Kona Honu Divers
Our shop is constantly evolving. Since this picture was taken 3 years ago we’ve made more big changes!

If you build it . . .

Since taking over the shop I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making a better customer experience. We’ve added a serious lineup of scuba rental gear. We now offer regulator service and scuba repair with battery changes and pressure testing. The banners are gone to be replaced with actual product. We stock many different kinds of custom designed apparel, flasks, and stickers that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We’ve had furniture built to house a large selection of fins and t-shirts. We cleared out the nook full of office junk and repainted the walls to create more display space for product. We added more lighting and some nice ceiling fans. We brought in top brands like Atomic Aquatics, Maui Jim, and Suunto. We grinded and stained the floors to look like the deep ocean. We created a storage and classroom space next door for freediving courses and backstock. Whew! All-in-all we accomplished a lot! As far as Kona dive shops go I think we did alright.

Custom Flask Designs

Dive Club

But just renovating the shop and having the stuff to sell wasn’t enough. My passion is the underwater world and it’s our goal to get people out there enjoying it. We created the Ohana dive club because we have always had people coming back and we were so familiar with them they felt like family, so we created our extended dive family club. This is a great way for locals to get out more and makes it extremely affordable too! We offer regular events for the dive club members including special boat trips just for them!


I have a serious passion for Freediving and so to take advantage of all the extra space created by the clutter removal we began carrying Freediving gear to serve the growing Freediving community here in Kona. I also launched the Kona Freedivers brand and we have since taught hundreds of people to Freedive safer and better. Now we are well known as the go-to place to purchase Freediving fins and custom wetsuits. We are expanding our spearfishing lineup to serve the local spearfishing community who don’t have easy access to the gear necessary to sustainably harvest from the ocean. It is our hope to become the go-to spearfishing shop on the west side of the Big Island.

We have always had a shop dog or 2 around to keep us company. Our guests always seem to enjoy them. We continue to have our companions with us here and we encourage our guests to bring theirs in too. Miles (the golden lab) is with us 4 days a week and Boo-boo (the blond poodle) is in and out regularly. Bring your favortie pooch in to most Kona Dive Shops and see what happens!


Scuba rental equipment is often not what you might hope for. At Kona Honu Divers we have expanded our rental lineup and brought in the highest quality gear available. We carry Atomic Aquatics regulators in our rental fleet. We regularly check them to ensure their proper functioning and to take care of any irregularities before they become a problem. Our bcds are well maintained and we sell them at big discounts after light use to keep our rental units looking good and functioning well. We offer one of the most compelling rental packages of the Kona Dive shops. Couple that with our excellent gear and you’re going to love shore diving the Big Island.

Gear Repair

We recognize that getting your scuba gear repaired can be a hassle. That’s why we now specialize in handling all kinds of equipment. We will treat your reg set, computer, or bcd like our own. We realize that getting your gear serviced can be expensive. That’s why we offer the best prices available in Kona with some of the best turnaround times. Getting your scuba gear in order shouldn’t be a big deal. We do our best to eliminate the headache. We even offer free bench test of your regulator set. If you’re looking for Scuba repair Kona Honu Divers has you covered!

Custom Designs

Have you ever walked into a dive shop and they only seem to have piles of t-shirts from the 1990’s with dive flags on them? Kona Honu Divers will be a shock to your system. From the beginning it was my intention to honor the beauty of the ocean. Our designs encapsulate this beauty. Our shirts, flasks, towels, bags, and hats are one-of-a-kind with custom designs from Shell Eisenberg. Shell learned to draw from a young age. She has loved the ocean and been a serious Freediver and instructor. As an artist her organic designs grace many of our shop items. If you’re looking to show off your love of the ocean without a div flag emblazoned across your chest swing by. As far as Kona dive shops go we’ve got you covered!

Dive Travel

Kona Honu Divers offers several dive travel trips every year. We specialize in finding those trips that offer incredible value and convenience. You can see some of our past dive travel trips or some of our upcoming trips.

Often times we will visit nearby destinations like the Philippines or Fiji for their incredible diving and their incredible value. They also happen to be nearby making them fantastic places to visit for their convenience and short flight times.

If your looking for Kona dive shops you might consider visiting Kona Honu Divers. We love diving and we would love the opportunity to get to know you.