Behold the most magical experiences you may have on the Big Island! The Manta Ray Night Dive is, without any doubt, the most magical and full of fun kind of experience that will always leave you wanting more. Many people fly to Hawaii every year to experience this one of a kind experience of diving right through manta rays’ habitats and exploring how they live their lives underwater.

You will be guided properly to go down into the waters if you go on a Manta Ray Night Dive along with a diving company. Diving companies like Kona Huno Divers can help you have the most mesmerizing experience of your entire life of seeing Manta Rays. You will find these fish doing acrobats in the water, swimming with their mouth wide open, and feeding on the Plankton surrounded.

Is Manta Ray Night Dive Dangerous?

If you hit upon this question thinking Manta Rays are harmful animals, then you must think not. Manta Rays are very peaceful and quiet animals that do not pose any danger at all to humans. They often show a very curious nature towards human beings. They have certain Horn shaped cephalic fins that some think gives them an evil experience and may be referenced as devilfish. But mantas are really very fun to be around they will keep swimming around humans only to feed on Plankton that gets attracted by the light humans carry. These fish are friendly enough as they have seen humans swim with them for over 30 years now. Mantas in Hawaiian waters are easy around human beings.

What do Manta Rays eat?

Manta Rays are huge in size but feed on tiny Plankton. They keep swimming with their huge mouths open and keep filtering Plankton from the water. They feed on these small things, just like many other large creatures under the water.

What is Manta Village?

Manta village is a very popular dive site located in Hawaii, which is commonplace to dive with Manta rays. You may swim with the Manta Rays at Manta village or, in a few cases, watch them from the shore. The reason Manta Village is a popular place for swimmers and divers in Kona is the light emitted from the Sheraton Hotel. This light attracts Plankton that makes Manta Village an ideal place for consistent feeding for manta rays. These beautiful marine creatures gather around the place where the light falls and feed on the small Plankton in the water.

What is the ideal time for Manta Ray Night Dive?

If you are thinking about going on a trip to see the manta rays living in their natural habitats, you must note a certain time in the year. Going for this experience in the late summer, spring, and early fall are ideal for watching manta rays in Hawaiian water. This is high because of the ocean conditions being very favorable during that time. Many people who plan their trip at other times of the year-end up canceling their tours because of rough water conditions and strong winds.

What kind of wet suits should I get for going on a Manta Ray Dive?

Wetsuits are mostly worn by divers and swimmers who swim underwater, mostly in cold waters. These suits help insulate the bodies of the swimmers and retain their body heat. They are made out of a rubber called neoprene. While choosing a wet suit, you must highlight two main things that are fitness and comfort. If your suit doesn’t fit ideally, then it won’t keep you warm in the depths of water. In comparison, an uncomfortable wetsuit will ruin a diver faster than you say, Jacques Cousteau.

What if I haven’t ever swum or snorkeled?

If you haven’t ever swum underwater or have no idea how to do so, then you can book as a ride-along passenger. Many touring companies provide this offer where you can be a ride-along passenger and get the opportunity to see huge manta rays from your boat without entering the water.

This can be the best choice if you haven’t been in water or don’t want to be in it. You can safely watch manta rays swimming underneath your boat and float above them and still be mesmerized by the beauty.

What should I bring along?

That’s indeed a great question. On a Manta Ray Night Dive, you must bring the following few things, or they may be provided to you by the touring company:

–      Snorkel

–      Snorkel masks

–      Snorkel fins

–      Wetsuit

–      Snacks

–      Warm drinks

–      Flotation devices

A few things you must bring from home are:

–      Swimwear

–      A towel

–      Warm clothes as it may get chilly during the night

These were a few pieces of information you must know before going on a Manta Ray Night Dive experience. You are going to remember this time forever, so don’t forget to bring your camera along too!

Snorkeling or diving with manta rays is such an unforgettable experience that whoever has it always recommends it. It is something you must do once in your life. Manta rays hold a strong beauty in them that makes them majestic and full of freedom kind of creatures. It is also possible that you may create a connection with them that will make your Manta Ray Night Dive even more fun.

Kona Huno divers are providing you the opportunity to explore the Manta Ray fish of the depth of Hawaiian waters and to observe the beauty of nature up close. You will be provided with complete guidance and an introduction to these huge creatures. Manta rays are totally harmless creatures that are very peaceful to swim around. You may carry lights that would attract Plankton towards you and hence manta rays to feed on them.

When are you planning your first tour to view these majestic marine animals?


Manta Ray Night Dive experience is going to one of the most memorable ones, and hence you must know a few things before you set out for it.