Let’s explore the beauty of the marine animals of Kona! Hawaii is a very desirable travel destination with all its beauty and diversity. Especially in the winter season, you may be imagining a tropical treasure while you are shoveling the snow. Winter in Hawaii starts in December and stays till March and is mostly sunny during winters. Though storms still keep brewing that creates huge swells. There are certain safety tips that you must take before heading out for manta ray dive Kona. You also need to check about the best times in going for manta ray dive that is based on:

–         Ocean conditions

–         Busy or slow travel times

–         Manta ray sighting statistics

What are the Manta Rays?

Manta rays are the huge eagle rays coming from the Manta genus. The word Manta is the Portuguese word for the cloak. This is because most fishermen sued to capture manta rays using cloaks or blankets. These creatures have huge triangle shape pectoral fins that may span up to 20 feet or more. They are most famous for their cephalic fins that are shaped like horns. These have also given them the nickname of a sea devil, despite their very gentle demeanor.

Manta rays are migrating creatures and they migrate from the tropical waters. They swim having their mouths open to capture and swallow the zooplankton as food. They swim and glide through waters in a very graceful way by waving their fins, traveling alone, or in groups. Just like whales they can leap out from the surface of the water. This can be an amazing show for any spectator.

Are Manta Rays an Endangered Species?

Manta rays are now a vulnerable species and this is mainly because of pollution and poaching. Poachers keep harvesting parts of their gills for their use in Chinese medicines. The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals agreements is protecting manta rays in the international waters. Sailors once hunt down the manta rays because of their horns, the sheer size of fins, and open mouths. All of this gave them a very aggressive appearance. Manta rays are very docile creatures that don’t have deadly stingers, unlike stingrays. The size of the mammoth mantas also makes them very hard to capture and also showcase. As a result, there are very few aquariums that have manta rays. Hence the best way to see them is to head towards the wild on a manta ray dive kona.

When is the ideal time to see Manta Rays based on the conditions of the ocean?

In the winters, 30 to 40 feet high waves hit the shoreline regularly and it looks equally scary and gorgeous on the North Shore of Island Oahu. But in Hawaii, such high waves don’t exist and are only around 3 to 4 feet high. This makes diving, snorkeling, and other water sports rather unsafe and very challenging. This is why manta ray touring is not suggested in the winter. The ideal time to see manta rays in the summer or the winter duration. In these times the water surface is smooth and is also clear due to which you get able to look far in the water. People who book their tours for winters end up canceling their charters as the ocean conditions aren’t favorable to go for snorkeling or manta ray dive Kona.

Is it dangerous to swim with manta rays?

Manta rays are the most peaceful and calm animals that freely swim in the water. They are the huge marine animals that feed on the tiniest plankton. You can swim with manta rays and they won’t get disturbed. You must keep your distance and should not touch or try to pet these majestic animals as this can harm their skin. You need to only observe the beauty of these marine creatures that are calm and majestic and give you a magical feeling of being under their strong presence.

What do manta rays feed on?

Manta ray fish are those huge creatures in the big ocean that feed on the smallest ones ie the plankton. This is why the divers carry a spotlight that is strong enough to penetrate water layers. This light attracts plankton and hence the manta ray fish keep swimming towards them to feed on it. Manta rays swim with their huge mouths open and keep filtering out the water while feeding on the plankton.

What are the ideal places to have manta ray sightings in Kona?

Visitors will have many opportunities to have a smooth dive with manta rays off the Kona Coast. You may sail on the sunset cruise and have the knowledge about manta rays before heading out on a night dive. The experienced and certified scuba divers can also venture deep in the waves with manta rays. While the snorkelers stay above these majestic creatures. With the help of underwater lights, you will see the serenely swimming majestic creatures while they feed on plankton. Resorts like the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay are the best places to see an abundance of Manta rays.

With whom should I travel down into the waters to see the manta rays?

If you are experienced and know the ins and outs of manta ray dive Kona then you can go solo. But if you are new to this experience then you must hire a tour guide. Kona Honu Divers are now providing eth best guides at the most reasonable prices. You can also get rentals and differently designed apparel from them at great prices. Are you ready to swim down to the ocean bed and explore the beauty of Manta Rays while they smoothly glide around you? This will defiantly be a show for anyone hence don’t forget to take your cameras along. You would love to keep the memories with you forever. When are you packing your bags and are going to fly to Hawaii?


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