Pictures of the Manta Ray Night Dive in Kona, Hawaii

The manta ray dive is Kona’s most popular dive. People travel from all around the world just to do this one dive. If you’ve heard of the the world famous manta ray dive Kona is the place to do it! Every night the manta rays come onto the reef to feed on tiny zooplankton. They have massive mouths that can scoop up the plankton with ease. We make it even easier for them by putting out bright lights. These lights attach the plankton much like moths. The mantas are highly intelligent and when they see this it’s like a dinner bell and they come right in close enough to to touch! But since so many rays come in close contact with humans it’s very important we keep out distance. Manta rays have a delicate protective layer of muucus surrounding their bodies. When they rub or bump against objects they can lose this protective layer and become subject to infection.

We’ve been doing the Manta Ray Night dive Kona for over 20 years now and we’ve learned all of the manta ray’s names. That’s right they are all named. If you discover a young ‘new’ manta ray you get to name it! We can distinguish the mantas from the spot patterns on their undersides. Like freckles each manta has it’s own unique pattern of spots on it’s underside.

See our YouTube playlist of the manta ray Dive Kona ‘s most popular dive attraction.

Kona’s Manta rays can get pretty big. They can reach up to 12 feet (4 meters) in wingspan (or finspan) and weight up to 1200 pounds or 550 kilograms. When moving through the water they sometime look like large doormats. But their thin profile and large pectoral fins allow them to swim very fast through the water if they want. They can even be spotted jumping completely out of the water!

In addition to the manta ray dive Kona has other great dives too. One of the more unique dives in Kona is the Blackwater night dive. The blackwater dive was started here in Hawaii and popularized in Kona. Now you may find it in other parts of the world but Kona is still one of the best places to do the Blackwater dive in the world. This is because the Big Island of Hawaii is a giant volcano that is the world’s largest mountain when measured from the bottom of the ocean floor to the highest peak at 13,803ft (4207 meters) above sea level.