Water sports are one of the most famous and the most interesting games in the world. They involve the thrill, fun, and risk of drowning at the same time that makes them even more exciting for people who dare. One of these sports or activities we are going to talk about is Kona Scuba Diving. Just like all other water activities, Scuba Diving also requires a certain level of practice and learning so that you can do it without full-time supervision. It is the easiest one if you would compare it with the rest of the water activities in Kona. 

Scuba diving is one of the most amazing and great life-changing experience. People who train you for it first ensure your safety and protection and then move ahead with lessons. Kids and families can take part in this sport as it’s safe for all as long as you can move your body. 

Hawaii is known famously for the leisure and adventure it provides to people visiting it. There are several indoor, outdoor, and water adventures that can keep you hooked for weeks! Many ideal spots give you a fun day out and the resorts can give you a sound sleep. Hence starting from Hawaii is the best option if you are looking for a place where you can do scuba diving and also some exploration of beautiful and exotic marine life. 

So what are the steps and processes of getting started with a Kona scuba diving course? 


To get started with the scuba diving course your instructor will guide you about the lower surfaces of water. He will tell you that it isn’t that scary of a place. In fact, it’s fun and full of colors. even in the dark, the colors underwater of different marine life do not get hidden away. At first, if you are not experienced at all then you will have to go through the three phases of learning Kona Scuba Diving. The three phases are

  1. Academic study To learn the physiology and physics of diving
  2. Confined water training To learn and then practice the basic water skills
  3. Open water checkout dive To prove your mastery of basic Kona scuba diving skills

These three phases will make any inexperienced person good to go into the deeper layers of water and explore the beauty that lies in there.

Scuba Diving Gears:

The scuba diving equipment lets you visit the world under the surface of the water and allow you to see, breathe, and move around with comfort in the water. You will e transformed from being a land dweller and become an aquatic being by wearing this equipment for a while. These gears are

– A mask That allows you to see clearly in the water

– A scuba regulator and tank These two provide you the air to breathe underwater

– Fins You can swim here and there using the fins tied to your feet

– A wetsuit Water temperatures are always lower than the earth’s temperature hence you need to keep your body warm in there. A wet suit will help you with that.

What to look for in Scuba Diving Gears?

If you are going to buy these gears then the three most important things you must look for are

– Fit

– Comfort

– Suitability

And some favorite color combinations if you like!

What are the ideal locations for Kona Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving in Kona is as abundant as water and food in the rest of the world. You can find abundant locations that are ideal for scuba diving and that would allow you to see the exotic life underneath the water surface. The number of times you may have sightings of big marine life like Manta Rays is astonishingly high in Kona and Hawaii in general. The west of Hawaii that is Kona is the ideal place for scuba diving.

In it, some locations like Puako, Pu’uhonau o Honaunau, Kealakekua Bay, and mile marker 4 that is south of Kona are the most ideal ones.Location matters a lot in giving you a great Kona scuba diving experience. You need to choose a place where the waves are mild and the water surface is at rest. This factor increases the visibility underwater and hence you not only go scuba diving but also find exotic animals underwater. You get more sunshine and less murky waters on the Kona side.

Dive Time

Scuba diving is going underwater and finding the beautiful marine life there. Hence you need to look for the ideal times to go for Kona scuba diving. During spring and fall, there is less impact on the visibility conditions as the surf is low. This is why you should head out to explore the beauty of Kona underwater during spring and fall.

Diving Essentials and Rentals:

There are several dive shops in Kona near the water bodies to allow scuba divers to get their essentials before heading out in the water. Many dive shops give dive tours as well and also give transport, food, and equipment. In this case, Kona Honu Divers are giving the most ideal surfaces to let divers of any experience dive deep into the water. You get to see so much with complete guidance of what is what in the coral reefs and also near the ocean surface.

What are the experiences I can have underwater?

While you go on scuba diving you will get to see the huge and majestic manta rays, the beautiful glow in the dark species, sea turtles living there for decades, beautiful coral reef, and the life living in them. During the night, the sea creatures show a whole different show. Everything starts revolutionizing and the transitions from day to night happen. No matter at what time you head out for Kona scuba diving, it will always be fun and you will find your best memories made during that time.

So when are you heading out for the scuba diving experience?


A Kona scuba diving tour guide to let you know all that you need while heading out into the waters of Kona.