Kona Diving has become one of the most famous ways to enter the water layers and reach the sea bed. In Hawaii, there are multiple options to try out water exploration and see the creatures in their natural habitats. The manta ray night dive is an amazing experience that is a unique one on the coast of Kona. It is one of the top night dives in the world. You may find many diving many touring companies in Hawaii.  We at Kona Honu Divers are serving the region with the most experienced services to take people into the world of marine animals.

To be able to explore the beautiful life under the water surface and to swim with marine life is an experience that you are going to forget in your entire life. You will not only see the marine life but will also gain advanced knowledge of all that you see on Kona beaches plus the beautiful sunsets to treat your eyes. The beautiful marine life you will get to see on a diving night with Kona Honu Divers are listed below:

1. Manta Ray:

Swimming with Manta Rays and trying to see them in their natural habitat is one of the most enchanting things you would ever do. You will find that swimming with these majestic animals puts you in a certain magical vibe that you stay under. It is actually added to the list of things that you must do before you die. These are the graceful and majestic creatures that are abundantly found in Hawaii. Hence with Kona Honu Divers, you can explore the beautiful Manta Rays that will swim with you and feed on plankton that is attracted by the lights you carry underwater.

2. Sea Turtles:

The world’s oceans are abundantly full of sea turtles and the most exotic species can be found in Kona underwaters. These turtles may be decades old or might be just the little babies. Each of them is equally attractive and cute. The peaceful creatures will feed on seaweed but it is still better to stay away from them and watch them from a safe distance.

3. Dolphins:

These are some of the smartest creatures on this planet. You will find them in many tropical and temperate oceans. Most divers have also experienced the dolphins jumping out of the water surface while the divers are on the boat. This is just an experience to see the dolphins racing with the boat you are on. Then seeing them under the water dolphins are just a fun creature to be around. Their squeaking may add a freakish edge to your night dive but they are harmless and fun to be around.

4. Pufferfish:

The cute and adorable pufferfish is mostly found in many tropical and subtropical diving areas in the world. In Kona, pufferfish are found in many shapes and colors. There are different species that are found in the coral reef and in the ocean bed. Make sure you are always kind to these fish and don’t scare them off as they would puff up then. You can explore the sea and find the quirky pufferfish in the waters of Kona with Kona Honu Divers.

5. Mantis Shrimp:

The bizarre-looking, colorful marine animals are mostly found in the coral reef in Kona and Hawaii in general. They shoot certain punches that are strong enough to break the glass and hence if they fight they would definitely kill the other mantis. They are very quick and are deadly predators that prey on fish, clams, and other little invertebrates. They may either Peirce and smash the prey.

6. Cuttlefish:

The amazing cuttlefish is mostly found in the waters of Kona and they can move up and down and in any direction. They can also change the texture and color of their bodies even though they are color blind. Their habitats and the sources of food are all in the coral reef and hence you can see them eat and live in their natural habitats at any time you wish to.

7. Monk Seals:

The Hawaiian monk seals are right now an endangered species and are only 1,100 left in the wild. They are the dogs that run in rough water as per their Hawaiian names. The monk seals are also a great thing to watch as they swim by you at a fast speed.

8. Big Eyes:

There are around 18 species of bigeyes. Two of them, the Bigeyes of Hawaii and the Common bigeye, live in the coral reefs. While the others live deep in the water. Their body is narrow and has fine scales on them that are mostly bright red. They hide in ledges and caves in the day. They feed on planktonic animals in the night time. they have highly reflective eyes. During the night your flashlight can help spot these fish in the dark.

9. Blennies:

These are small fish with fairly long bodies and have large mouths and eyes. They are mostly found on the seafloor. They hide in reef crevices and the sand. Blennies have more than 300 species and out of which around 15 are found in Hawaii. Their Hawaiian name is Pao’s.

With Kona Honu Divers you are going to see the best and the most unique marine life under the surface of the water. With us, you will get to have different kinds of diving tours ie from basic courses to advanced diving tours.

People we have under our diving company are experienced and passionate guides and instructors. We also have the most stylish clothes and original art patterns that are created in the house. Apart from giving courses and rentals we also have the best services that make your diving experience as easy as thrilling it can be. You are always welcome to grab your first touring experience and take a dive into the waters of Kona.

So when are you going to pack your bags to fly to the beautiful island named Hawaii?


Are you ready to explore the beauty of Hawaiian water with Kona Honu Divers? Let’s explore the marine life of Kona together!