There are many different methods of fishing used all over the world. Spearfishing is also one of those types of fishing which are being used throughout the world for centuries. The method is still there, but the way of performing this is being modified over time like the old civilizations used sharpened sticks for spearing fish from rivers and streams. But nowadays, elastic powered spearguns and much other modern equipment are used for spearfishing.

Spear Fishing Kona, Hawaii

As technology is advancing day by day, now various countries have developed techniques and instruments specifically for each aquatic environment separately to have effective results.

It can also be done using various diving techniques like freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. But spearfishing while using scuba diving equipment is illegal in various countries. Similarly, the use of mechanical powered spear guns is also prohibited and a declared punishable offense in most countries.

So, try to abide by the country’s rules and regulations to avoid any further problems.

Following are the details regarding spearfishing that must be taken into account.

Things For Getting Started

Here we had gathered some of the things that you need at all costs before starting spearfishing. A brief intro of these things is as follows

1. Speargun

Invest a quite higher amount of money if you want to do spearfishing. In this regard, buy at least the one that costs nearly 300 dollars, and we recommend you to keep the following things in mind before purchasing the speargun.

  • Which fish will you be going to target?
  • How often will you be spearfishing?
  • How will you do spearfishing? From the shore or from the boat?

Having clear answers to these questions will help you select the correct speargun for you that meets your required standards. But if you want a speargun to be used in all the conditions without considering the perfection, a 120cm gun is quite good to go with as it’s labeled as “JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE”. If you are that type of person who gets bored of the things after doing only twice or thrice, then a 100-dollar gun is more than enough for you.

2. Fins

Fins help you propel well, dive well and move to greater depths very conveniently. They also help you swim through the waves easily. The average fins can be bought as low as 150 dollars. Their prices are dependent on the material they are made of, like plastic, carbon, etc.

3. Masks

Masks are of no less importance as compared to fins. Both are equally important for spearfishing. Moreover, a comfortable fitting mask is really necessary. Avoid the low-volume mask as it provides lesser space between your face and the lenses, and hence this shouldn’t be at your priority list.

4. Snorkel

Snorkeling is the act of swimming on or through a waterway while furnished with a jumping cover, a formed breathing cylinder called a snorkel, and generally swimfins. The best snorkel for spearfishing is nothing more than a basic snorkel with added flexibility, making it much better.

5. Float, float-line, and the flag

All these things, the float, float-line, and the flag are really important for your safety and the safety of your speargun (you must be concerned about it if it is quite expensive and you aren’t doing it just for the sake of fun).  The flag and the float can help the marine traffic regarding your presence in the water. Its necessary because being run over by the boats is the worst thing that can happen while spearing. The float line is also really significant in this regard. Your float line should be attached with your float as well as the but of your speargun. This will help ensure the safety of your speargun. If you feel out of breath, you can drop your gun (either you had stroked any fish or not) and can come out on the surface to breathe and then again go inside to bring both your speargun and the fish if you had stroked any.

6. Knife

A spearfishing equipment set is incomplete without a knife rather a small but important part of the set. A fish doesn’t necessarily die only due to spearing. Instead, you will need a knife to strike the brain of the fish, just behind the center of its eyes.

7. Wetsuits

As you are unable to do spearfishing without a speargun, similarly you are unable to do so without a wetsuit. A wetsuit has a lot of benefits like it protects your body from stingers, sun, reef cuts or rocks, etc., as they can become extremely infected and create serious problems for you afterward. Like the rest of the equipment, these wetsuits also come in various variants that vary because of their features and price tags, which further depend upon the material they are made.

 An average wetsuit starts from 100 dollars and can be as expensive as 350 to 400 dollars, providing the best possible quality. Customized wetsuits can have a value as high as 1000 dollars.

8. Socks and Gloves

Both the socks and gloves are as important for your hand and feet skin as wetsuits are for your body. Just like wetsuits protect your body from blisters, stingers, and other injuries, the socks and the gloves protect your hands and feet in the same way from this kind of issue. After hunting the fish, you need to grab it, and here you will need gloves the most to protect your hands.

9. Weight Belts

The weight belts play a vital role in your spearfishing journey as they hold your wetsuits in place while diving in the deeper conditions, and in the salty conditions, you also need weights to dive smoothly and comfortably. Neither the weight should be very low or very high because both will create problematic situations for you when diving ang hunting.

So, try to keep your weights balanced according to the standards.


Before trying spearfishing, you must have all these things to avoid any issues while hunting. Hopefully, this article had helped you while choosing the equipment for spearfishing.