Blackwater Diving Kona

The blackwater diving Kona is something that you aren’t going to forget for your whole life. The beauty of marine life takes a new shape and form during the night, and there isn’t much that you may forget. The crystal clear black water has so many exquisite marine animals that would help introduce you to a whole new world. This life exists under the water, near the sea bed, and has been cherished by people every year. Many people fly to Hawaii every year to experience the beautiful marine life living and thriving under the sea and in the corals. You get to carry a dive light, and the dark surrounds you to let the beautiful marine life light up your voyage. 

What is Blackwater Diving?

It is s unique dive that you do at night and will take you many miles offshore where you are going to be hanged with 60ft tether. You will be suspended over 4000ft of water in the open ocean. Many small animals drift by your side, and you keep observing the small organisms. You definitely wouldn’t have had seen something so unique and beautiful in your entire life before. 

The blackwater diving Kona is rated as something weird, freaky, and cool. And ah, yes! Unforgettable as well. The inky blackness around you is first freaky, but then you start seeing the shapes and particles of all sizes that float past you. You are not in space but are 5 to 10 miles from the coast of Kona. You will be tethered to the dive boat and will be drifting with it. 

What’s It Like To Go On Blackwater Diving Kona?

You May first not be as excited going in the blackwater diving Kona. You wouldn’t know what to expect at first but then when you enter the blackwater. The darkness that surrounds you and some distant squeals of dolphins add more freakishness to the environment. The feeling of thrill makes it an exciting dive. The guide will always be along with you so don’t fear off and imagine the beauty of translucent particles floating around you in all shapes and sizes. 

The Origination Of Blackwater Diving Kona

The main idea behind blackwater diving is very simple. It is a night dive into the deep ocean where the divers hang out through a boat and look out for anything that floats by you. We mostly leave just before it’s dark to a marking of GPS and we look for more than 2000 meters where the suspended bright lights on a rope. The divers then descend to the tethers, so they are secured safely and then everyone waist to see the wonders of the ocean that reveal themselves. These dives are all about the discovery of rarely seen little creatures, most of which are fish and other animals like juvenile, larval, and other phases of life. You mostly find jellyfish, squid, larval stage fish, and plankton. These wonderful creatures make you believe in the beauty of wildlife, and you get baffled by this serene beauty and calm.

How To Spot Tiny Creatures In Blackwater Diving Kona?

The trick to finding the small illuminated creatures is to look for lights hanging there in the dark. They keep attracting microscopic animals like moths towards a porch light that in turn also draws predators like jellyfish and squids. You don’t need to be an advanced diver to go on blackwater diving Kona. You only have to look after the hardest part of this dive that is dropping in the dark. Divers stay tethered to the ropes and hence to a boat and hence there isn’t much risk of getting lost in the ocean. You also don’t go below 50 feet. It may seem a bit freakish in the first attempt, but you will get on track the second time you head out for this dive. 

How To Photograph The Organisms Floating In Blackwater?

The photography of blackwater diving Kona is quite addictive. You never realize what you may find next and when. The little organisms swim relay fast and make it hard to photograph them. You may also need to follow the organisms to capture a decent photo of them. The hardest part is of keeping an eye on the small creatures and trying your best to focus on them while they keep moving. They may vanish in the dark without you even noticing. 

The Most Exquisite Creatures Found In Blackwater Diving Kona?

During your blackwater dive, you will find the weirdest and the most beautiful creatures. A few of them are named below:

– Juvenile Ribbonfish

– Cardinalfish

– Pelagic jellyfish

– Juvenile snake eels

– Paper nautilus

– Pelagic octopus

– Paralarval octopus

– Larval lionfish

– Larvacean tunicate

Blackwater diving Kona is going to amaze you with its wonders, and you are never going to get tired of the exploration you get to practice. Human beings have an innate ability to go on hunts and explorations, and hence while they explore the blackwater, it gets even more fun every passing minute. You can find little and large floating organisms in your dive and get mesmerized by how creative nature is.

Is It Risky To Dive Deep?

Diving also has some risks. It isn’t to frighten you, but the risks include decompression sickness and the risk of drowning. There are many effects of diving like nitrogen narcosis that may contribute to the causes of these issues. Though the issues are every mild and you don’t have to worry much about it but if you already have issues like these then make sure you adopt safety measures before diving blackwater.

The best way to explore the beauty of translucent animals down the water is to swim through them in entire darkness. When are you planning to go out to the calming and freaking silence under the water? Kona is an ideal place for such an experience, and hence many people fly to Hawaii for this. When are you packing your bags to experience this freakish beauty?


Blackwater diving Kona is a fun-filled and thrilling experience that will reveal the beauty of wildlife during the night.