Diving on the big island has become a dream of many people who like going into wild nature and being open to marine life in waters. This is one of such adventures that can leave you with remarkable memories and such huge exposure to Kona’s world of marine life. But to convince you to get your ticket to go to Kona right away we have summed up the following reasons to go diving on the big island, aka Hawaii.

The Dramatic Look

Due to the crystal clear water in the big island water bodies and the sheer walk drop-offs with roaming around huge creatures like manta rays and sharks, everything in Kona waters looks dramatic. You can feel the atmosphere’s serenity taking its control over you and make you create some memories with marine buddies around you.

Sunken History

Even on very clear water days, you will spot the sunken ships and huge decks of boats in the sea bed. This site is also equally amazing as spotting manta rays. You will feel certain stories linked to the huge ruins of boats and ships down there.

Light The Way

The Hawaiian waters are often surrounded by huge lights and lighthouses that reflect their lights onto the water surface. These lights attract plankton and hence often huge other animals in the water. Mostly you would find a lot of manta rays, and sea turtles gathered down there to get their daily meal, and this sight would be one to behold.

The Crater Good

Hawaiian waters are truly the place where you will find all the creatures you are here for. You will spot much such fish and marine life animals that you only thought of seeing with your real eyes. You will keep on spotting here and there when you will find a new creature on every meter of diving into the water.

A Turtle Town

The caves Maui that are five in number are a true delight for turtle lovers. It is a heaven for turtles and is a popular site for visitors. You can make your thought of dicing on the big island a true reality only because of this very sight of seeing so many turtles gathered around in one once.

Monk Seals and Eagle Rays

You will never experience a dive or a snorkel anywhere in the world where you will get to see all kinds of animals all in one place. Once you start your diving journey on the big island, you should get ready to explore the big eagle rays swimming by you and the monk seals hiding in the caves underwater.


Many people keep dreaming of playing with a group of dolphins that would also jump out of the water from time to time and squeak along. Well, this would sure be a sight to behold, and this is why you must fly to Kona and big island to explore all of these natural treasures.

Dolphin is a typical name of oceanic vertebrates inside the infraorder Cetacea. The term dolphin for the most part alludes to the surviving families Delphinidae, Platanistidae Iniidae, and Pontoporiidae, and the wiped out Lipotidae. There are 40 surviving species named dolphins.

Save the Sea Turtles

A Hawaii fund was founded in response to several turtles and their hatchlings being constantly hit by cars while travelling on roads in Maui. And since mid of the 90s, this organization and the state of Hawaii have made many noticeable strides to help these turtles and protect them in the island chain.

Manta Rays

You sure have heard of the humongous manta rays if you are a fan of scuba diving and snorkelling underwaters. You must also have a very die-hard dream of swimming by them once in real life. At the big island, all your dreams would come true, and you can actually go underwaters and have 90 plus chances of spotting a manta ray. These mantas get out for food during the night, and this is why you will have to go on scuba diving on the big island during the late hours.

Ice and More Ice

If you would head out to go on a diving experience in the peak summer days, then you certainly would need a frozen treat after you are done with diving and seeing marine life. You are well served with all the local sweet and frozen treats of the big island. They use all locally sourced items to create the Hawaiian specialty of sweets and desserts.

Like No Place Else

In the waters of Hawaii, you find rare and exotic animals that are not found anywhere else. You will certainly see the marine life that is such a beautiful sight to behold. You will get to see the monk seals, colourful, striking snails, and millet seed butterflyfish under there in abundance. These creatures will make you capture every side of them as you would want to take back the pictures and tell your friends about the amazing experience that made your jaw dropped.

Fierce Animal Encounters

Though these animals are not that harmful as we humans are to them, we still like calling them fierce and getting scared of them. But during diving on the big island, you will see how calm these creatures are and are harmless until you get harmful to them. The tiger sharks to whitetip reef sharks are a wonder, and they will be such a sight to behold.

So with all of these reasons to explore the waters of the big island, you have no excuse to sit back and enjoy a boring show on tv. You need to get out and find the best guides on the big island, making your trip to the sea bed as remarkable and fun as you would want it to be. Diving on the big island is a dream to many and if you get the chance to fulfill it, sure do! Let us go to Hawaii and explore all its wonders.