"The crew was phenomenal. Helped me get my certification."

Hannah | Scuba Diving Course

"It was absolutely unbelievable! We liked the personalized"

Joel, Helen, Rafael, Rebecca |

"We've seen so much marine life . . . tiger sharks, dolphins, hammerhead shark, white tip reef sharks, monk seal, manta rays . . ."

Carson | Dive Package

"Kevin is really amazing he is really centered. Very patient with us. You just look at him . . . you're calm automatically."

Nikki & Rajin | Discover Scuba Diving

"It was so easy to get set up and the equipment is great. Super comfortable. The boat is really nice."

Glenda | Manta Ray Night Dive

"The instructors were great. So many snacks!"

Brandon & Emma | Manta Ray Night Dive Kona

"This is my sixth time going out with the you guys to see the manta rays and it's just amazing every time."

Shari | Manta Ray Night

"The staff was great we had good snacks and saw amazing things. I don't know if I've ever seen so many things on one trip."

Nate & Sean | Manta Ray Dive Kona

"He made us do it and we're glad we did."

The Huckabays | Manta Ray Dive Kona

"The whole experience was awesome. Everybody was cool and calm and collected."

Kyle | 2 Tank Morning Dive

"We saw a little nudibranch to big sharks. That's why we come back every year, that's why we're gonna be here next year I love it!"

John | Morning 2-Tank AM Dive

"The crew has been amazing and very hospitable. They made the diving very easy and convenient for all of us."

Jasmin Sabio | 2 Tank AM Dive

"The divemasters are super knowledgable and they take us to really nice alive sites!"

Bunny | Morning 2-Tank Dive

"The boat is really awesome. The staff has been great. We enjoyed the treats on board."

Ruth Beckley | Morning 2 Tank Dive

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