You might have heard about various types of diving if you have a slight interest in diving. But what is big island diving? Is this any specific type of diving, or as the name symbolizes, it represents diving at any island that’s pretty bigger than others?

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These, as well as many other questions, might arrive in your mind while you hear this set of words. And you might also be curious to have the answers to these questions. This is why you are here, and here we will try our best to answer all the expected queries that can come to anyone regarding big island diving.

The following are the details that can help you out in clearing your queries regarding big island diving.

What is Big Island Diving?

As the name represents, big island diving is any diving you perform on a comparatively bigger island. The big island includes various diving types like scuba diving, free diving, manta rays night diving, blackwater diving, etc. You can opt for any of the diving types for doing on a big island. Diving on the Big Island is an extraordinary method to move away from the groups and to investigate the submerged scenes all alone.

Why Big Island Diving?

Yes, its one of the most common question regarding big island diving is why big island diving? Many people don’t prefer big island diving due to various reasons, which will be discussed later in the article. If you want to explore marine life at its best, then the best way to do so is big island diving.

This is because you as well as the marine creatures have large enough space to dive and roam freely. Also, in a comparatively bigger space, there is a higher chance of the availability of various species of marine creatures. These are some of the reasons you can select big island diving as your next dive.

Snorkel or Dive on a Big Island?

Should I snorkel or dive on a big island? This is also a frequently asked question we talk about big island diving. This is a multi-dimensional opinion question, and you will find some people recommending snorkel and some diving on a big island.

But we can’t differentiate that which is best out of these two. This is because they both have different experiences, and it solely depends upon the interest and the skill set of the diver. Both snorkeling and diving on a big island have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Either you can choose anyone based on the advantages and disadvantages, or you can consider only your interest.

Here we have listed a few advantages and disadvantages of both snorkeling and diving on a big island. As most people perform scuba diving on big islands, that’s why we will put in the advantages and disadvantages, keeping in mind this type of diving. These are as follows.

Advantages of Diving on a Big Island:

  • Scuba diving on a big island allows you to explore more marine creatures from a very less distance. You can also view those species which we can’t even think to view while snorkeling.
  • Scuba diving demands good health from the diver as it requires effort. Also, the diver must have the proper equipment and certifications too to have big island diving.

Disadvantages of diving on a big island:

  • It’s quite expensive as compared to snorkeling because of the need for more gear used in diving. Also, you have to plan every time before diving.
  • Even having the scuba diving equipment on rent is also expensive as compared to renting snorkeling equipment.
  • Scuba diving on a big island is never without any risk.

Advantages of snorkeling:

  • It’s not restricted to anyone based on any general reasons. You just need to know how to swim and then you will be able to enjoy and breathe during snorkeling.
  • It’s a low effort water sport and it doesn’t require any particular planning.
  • Snorkeling is a very economical sport and it’s affordable for everyone. Even within a few dollars, you can purchase its equipment or can easily rent it.

Disadvantages of Snorkeling:

There aren’t any obvious disadvantages regarding snorkeling that can be listed. But if you find anyone, feel free to share it with us. We will surely welcome your suggestions. The only disadvantage is you can’t view the marine creatures closely.

Best Big Island Diving Spots:

Some of the outstanding big island diving spots are Puako, Kealakekua bayPu’uhonau o Honaunau (place of refuge), and “mile marker 4” (just south of Kona). These locations are considered among the best due to the availability of a variety of fishes and other marine species. Many rare species can also be found on these islands which makes them the best.

Also, water visibility is an important factor in determining the best big island diving spots or locations. Normally, the water visibility in these big islands is almost 100 feet. And according to the researchers, this is a quite decent visibility depth underwater and it varies from place to place. It helps in seeing the marine creatures more clearly.

Diving Tours and Gear Rental:

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And not only equipment, but they can also provide you the diving services for big island diving. 


Have you now a clear mind regarding big island diving? Do we have answered your respective queries regarding big island diving? If yes, then we are highly thankful for your keen interest in the article. But in case, we had missed anything important, feel free to reach us, we will surely value your suggestions.

If you want to view some scenic shots taken while doing big island diving, you can view the video through the above video.