Sarah grew up in chilly California waters, diving off the central and northern coast starting at age 13. She went to school at UC Santa Cruz and obtained a B.S. Degree in Marine Biology. As a devout volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it eventually led her to a job as an instructor for the summer kids program, Underwater Explorers. This fed into a desire to work closer with the ocean, so she moved to Hawai’i (aka Big Island) in 2013 to become a SCUBA Instructor, logging over 3500 dives in the last 8 years in Kona. In 2021, she had the amazing opportunity to help clean up the oceans in a huge way – by working with NOAA’s Marine Debris project, involving a 30-day mission to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to clean up a staggering 123,690lb of marine debris. She now works as an offshore aquaculture technician, focusing on algae as a sustainable alternative to seafood, and still guides Blackwater dives too!