Micah grew up in British Columbia, Canada, spending the beginning of her life on the mainland. In 2017 she was pulled to the beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii and found a new love. She dared herself to abruptly leave everything and move.  Life on the island quickly became an obsession and the peaceful and ever raging ocean around her spoke to her soul. Micah immediately took to the water and quickly became very proficient at surfing, sailing and scuba diving.  But her passion was Freediving and she worked hard to become an expert.  Line diving, spear fishing, lobster diving, cave diving, and extreme snorkeling is the world that brings Micah peace.  As soon as she breaks the surface of the water calmness floods her being as she is part of a new world where gravity has limited power and a magnificent ecosystem awaits to be explored.  Micah’s wish is to show others the comfortability we are all capable of having under the water. The ocean is friendly, and Micah discovered she could share her passion through teaching others to overcome physical and mental obstacles of freediving in a safe environment. Her great pride in her skill and love for the sport sets the stage as she teaches new FII students to develop the proper techniques and procedures which are the key elements to staying safe and having fun.  Her loving, kind and fun spirit is the key to helping others to have a memorable and often life changing experience in the water.