Conor is the shop’s mascot. Whenever he has a day off the staff is saying ‘I wish Conor was here’ and customers will refuse to talk to anyone else! Conor has been involved with spearfishing since he was a teen hunting freshwater Lakes from his hometown of Coeur d’Alene Idaho. Conor has many great and awful stories to tell. Some of them can be seen on YouTube where he reviews spearfishing gear and gives some spearfishing tips and tricks for spears looking for that extra edge. Conor is extremely knowledgable about spearfishing and all of the technical aspects of building and maintaining spearfishing equipment. Conor has been spear fishing Kona for 11 years after moving over from the Hilo side where he developed his spearfishing chops. If you have a question about spearfishing gear Conor is extremely likely to have an answer. He’s been working in dove shops for over 14 years and has tied an accumulated 22,000 spearfishing rubbers in his lifetime!