The word Scuba is derived from the procedure of diving, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Scuba diving is one of the techniques of diving. In this crucial diving, technique divers dive into the water with apparatus and spend hours inside the water. Diving apparatus provide the proper supply of oxygen underwater. Scuba diving is not for recreational purposes, but it is also a profession. Scuba diving is also used to defend the country where the navy trained their soldiers at scuba diving for the operation underwater.

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Apart from these, it is the most important diving technique that required some protocols for its proper propagation to make it comfortable for divers.

Scuba diving protocols are its apparatus, which includes the following. 


Underwater, when a diver goes, its body felt underwater pressure, and there are salts present inside the water. These suits prevent the diver’s body from salt and underwater pressure. It also protects from the harm underwater from the instincts and creatures. These suits protect from the coldness of underwater.

Diving Cylinders:

Like other cylinders, these are common cylinders made up of various materials, Have a strong thickness of walls. According to the marking on the cylinder, oxygen in these cylinders is compressed forcefully to some pressure ranges from 184 to 300 bars according to the marking on the cylinder and to a specified volume of cylinder usually ranges from 0.11 to 0.64cubic feet. Then this oxygen filled cylinder underwater act as a source of breathing for divers. Due to the high pressure of oxygen, it cannot be supplied directly to the diver. It required some control for its propagation.

Diving Fins:

For an enjoyable experience of dive divers mostly used these fins. These fins provide thrust to the diver to move forward inside water. To make a motion and to perform well, diving fins are required.

Weight Belts:

Weight belts used to support proper scuba diving because it balances the buoyance forces act by the water on to the body and other equipment on the diver’s body. Due to the belt diver’s weight, overcome this impact of force and feel convenient to move underwater. Mass of these weight belts usually ranges from 1 kg to 6kg.

Dive Computers:

Diving computers are the most important equipment for diving, especially for underwater dives like Scuba. These computers play a very vital role in diving. It allows the diver to observe the conditions faced or having underwater. It tells the diver about the dive time; this function allows the diver to dive according to the oxygen available in the cylinder. By monitoring the time diver comes to the surface before finishing the oxygen. It also allows the diver to see the depth of water and the temperature.

Pressure Gauges:

Pressure gauges are used to regulate and measure the pressure of the gas inside the gas cylinders. These gauges tell how much pressure the gas is left inside the cylinder and at what pressure gas is providing to the diver for breathing.


Regulators are used to regulating the oxygen pressure according to the requirement of oxygen. It acts as a control to supply a proper mixture of gas. Its basic purpose is to provide the facility to the diver during the diving to not find any difficulty during dive.

Mask and Snorkels:

Mask not only important but also a unique entity of apparatus. It is not easy for our eyes to remain open in water for such a long time and to see things underwater. Salts in water also hurt our eyes. Therefore, it is not easy to seething underwater, and visibility becomes a blur. For proper vision in water, it is preferred to use masks.

At the same time, snorkels are also used for the proper supply of oxygen from the oxygen cylinder to the diver’s mouth underwater. Some of the snorkels adjust the oxygen supply according to the pressure difference of the lungs.

Scuba diving equipment is available at different shops at different locations in various qualities. As beginners, as they do not know well, they should learn the proper driving techniques, take proper guidance, and know about the use of every piece of equipment properly. This learning helps the new ones to perform the diving in versatile ways and variety. By practicing again and again, the experience of the divers improves. But in starting it is good to buy the equipment with average quality and price. But for professionals, it is preferred to buy the equipment with the best quality.

Precaution During Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving has several precautions.

Different problems occur due to scuba diving. Decompression of the skin may occur due to the continuous diving. In this problem, nitrogen makes bubble in the muscles of the diver and this cause pain in muscles. To avoid this problem, divers should start dive slowly, dive within the specified depth, divers should have proper training. This problem also occurs due to some other reasons like age, fitness level of divers. 

Many people drowned during scuba diving due to several reasons. They may run out of oxygen supply or may not have accurate data, i.e., depth of water or temperature or water pressure at such depth. The causality rate is 1.8 per million recreational dives. Such casualties can be prevented when beginners have proper training and dive to a level they can control and have trained for it.

Another risk that can be during diving is the improper functioning of the apparatus. If at large depths apparatus fails, then this can cause even death. Therefore, divers should have training on how to handle this situation during dive to know how to save their lives in such challenging conditions.  


Scuba diving is a recreational activity so keep it to a recreational level. If you want to dive in Hawaii Island, you should have proper quality, certified training from any institute. Divers should enjoy diving rather than showcase their talent at a dangerous level, which can prove harmful for them.