Kaitlyn grew up in New Hampshire, surrounded by nature where formed a love for the water ~ kayaking, boating, water-skiing, etc. At the age of fifteen she decided she wanted to pursue a career in marine biology with a focus on shark conservation. 

After graduating from Roger Williams University, she moved to Florida where she earned her dive instructor rating, captain’s license, and also began professional underwater photography as a tool to educate people about shark behavior. 
She spent a few years volunteering for Marine Megafauna Foundation, assisting the lead scientist in studying the local manta ray nursery grounds in south Florida.

Her favorite animals are “elasmobranchs”: sharks and rays, so she therefore spent six years in Florida and The Bahamas as a shark behaviorist, dive guide, and photographer. 
In 2021, she moved to Kona, her favorite place in the world.
Kaitlyn is a board director and research associate for the local nonprofit Manta Pacific Research Foundation, and is incredibly passionate about the Kona manta rays ~ if she’s not on the boat working a manta charter, she’s shore diving with the mantas on her day off!

(She also has an adorable rescue pup, and will happily share photos of her.)